Where Art Mingle For Its Sake

The role that a gallery plays is significant in promoting art. A gallery is interpreted as a room or series of rooms where works of arts are exhibited. Artists of different vicinity and skills take help of these venues to display their work to the public and earn acclamations.

Gallery is the platform of various art forms: sculpture, fine arts, photography, handloom etc. And among them paintings are mostly common displayed norm. Galleries can be classified into public and private but they carry the same objective of promoting the work of art and zeal the artists. The former displays work of art of permanent collection i.e. of limited works. The latter refers to contemporary art gallery as they are privately owned and profit motive. These contemporary art galleries are open to the public without charge and are found clustered together in large urban centres.

Gallery carrying both national and international degree exhibit and preserve the work for coming generations. It is the perfect place for artist and art lovers to exchange new and fresh ideas. Additionally, it provides exposure and world wide recognition to an artist. Thus, it is a springboard for many debut artists.

For centuries the practice of displaying art has undergone major changes. People now seek help of online technology and chat live to promote their art. Online art fairs are slowly becoming an indispensable and preferred tool for both artist and art enthusiast. It enriches both species and makes them aware of the changing principles of art. Saatchi Gallery, founded by Charles Saatchi in London has adopted the online gallery tradition facilitating an open-access section for art lovers.

Galleries are designed in a spacious manner for displaying art and to envelop more visitors. At the events of any art showcase usually the theme of the exhibition are considered so that audience can grasp the subject matter of the exhibition.

Hub Culture Davos 2010: Romero Britto

Romero Britto, a world-famous artist, talks to Edie Lush about his experiences in Davos. He talks about the theme of this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF), which is ‘Rethink, Rebuild, Redesign’, and the inspiration he finds from travelling. Filmed on location at the Hub Culture Pavilion in Davos.


Feilunhai, The New Taiwanese Pop Band

Feilunhai is a new Taiwanese boy band that has become very popular in Asia. These boys have achieved fame in many countries like Taiwan and main land china. The band is formed by four members each with a different personality and style. They are Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, Wu Zun, and Aaron Yang. Feilunhai is often associated with their seniors F4 and S.H.E. They all come from different backgrounds and achieve many things as fame and releasing an album. The name of the band in English is Fahrenheit. The definition comes from this word. Each member represents a season according to their different personalities. Calvin Chen represents Spring, warm; Jiro Wang represents Summer, hot; Wu Zun represents Autumn, cool, and lastly, Aaron Yan represents Winter, cold.

Each one of the members has a different background. Wu Zun was born in Brunei. Later he studied in Australia and was discovered by a television producer during a trip to Taiwan. Calvin and Jiro graduated from high school in Taiwan, but later went to University in Vancouver. He entered a competition winning firs place, a plane ticket to Taiwan, and a music contract as well as a role in a drama. After school, Jiro entered the entertainment business because of his talents and good looks. He tried as a singer, but because of the company’s problem he failed to release his album; however, he kept working backstage in the entertainment business. Jiro became famous when his acting career began. Aaron moved to New York at a young age but returned to Taiwan to finish his studies. He was popular online and was discovered and told to audition for a drama.

Feilunhai released their first self-title album on September 15 of 2006. They were already known because of their contribution to the soundtracks in many dramas. They instantly became popular in places like Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. They also gaining recognition overseas. Their music style is pop and pop ballads, also they have some songs that approach R&B and one rap song. They became famous with their song “Wo You Wo de Young” or “I Have my Youth”. It latter was the top sixteen song for weeks. Another popular song was their duet with Hebe from the female group S.H.E., who records albums with the same company, HIM International Music.

The band has several interesting facts. Their fame has increased so much that during their presentations fans have gone crazy, and Feilunhai’s manager has to explain that if the behavior continues the presentations will be cancelled. Besides their great music talent, they are also recognized by their acting. All of them haveappeared in television dramas, but the most popular ones are Wu Zun and Jiro. They have individually played the lead role in different dramas. Wu Zun acted in Tokyo Juliet, his first success launching him to fame, and Jiro acted in KO One. Later, they both started in Hana Kimi. Wu Zun had the lead role and Jiro a minor role. Rumor states that both fought because of Wu Zun’s sudden popularity when Jiro was the most popular of the four.

This band has met fame and reached success rapidly. After difficult moments like Aaron injuries and rumors, the band has held firm. This shows that they are a solid group and will be in the business for a long time. Feilunhai is always trying new musical styles like pop rock and rap. Beside from their music they will keep doing dramas. They have one planned project called The X-Family originating in KO One. Here, the four of them act. They have many big concerts planned for the future. Their second album is estimated to be released around August of 2007.