Useful Tips for Displaying Your Wall Decor

Hanging pictures,   art , and posters on the  walls  can add personality and charm to your home’s overall home staging look. While professional home stagers would generally discourage you from hanging family portraits when staging the home (the space needs to be depersonalized as much as possible), there are plenty of other décor you can hang on the walls for an added touch of class or comfort.

Are you an aspiring photographer with several images you are particularly proud of? They may go well over the fireplace, on the dining room wall, or going up the staircase. Artworks you have purchased or collected over the years are also excellent additions to wall décor. Whatever you decide to display on your walls, it is important not to overdo or cram the space with too much décor that it becomes distracting or looks hectic.

Secure the wall décor

You wouldn’t want that painting or picture falling from the wall or hurting a potential home buyer when they tour your space. Make sure that it is hanging properly and securely. You can opt for nails and wall studs for strength. Picture hanging-hooks and fasteners are also options for mid-sized frames. For pictures and paintings that are larger and heavier, screws would be safer and more secure.

Use  wall   art  for color

Posters, photographs, and paintings can be the much-needed splash of color you want in your indoor space. You want to paint your walls a bright red but your spouse and your realtor don’t approve? Look for  wall   art  and images with bright red hues and colors, display them in groups on your  walls , and watch the colors come to life.

Your  wall   art  can also add contrast or accent to your space. If your walls are painted in bright colors and hues, paintings or posters that are pastel-based or with light colors would provide contrast and visual appeal.

Not just paintings and photographs

There are other kinds of wall décor that you can add for variety. For instance, hanging candle holders can be interspersed between frames. Crafts made of different materials can also be displayed for a cozy ambience. A colorful wall clock can be both functional and decorative. If you like to change up the  wall   art  every once in a while, you can hang clipboards of various sizes and then use them as display frames for different images or quotes that you like.

A Legendary Producer and Artist

To read the list of acts produced by David Foster is to read a who’s-who of popular music. Artists such as Natalie Cole, Brandy, The Coors and even Dolly Parton have relied on his studio skill to make their music sound its best.

He is also a talented musician in his own right, having released several albums and composed the score to the film St. Elmo’s Fire. His career spans decades in which he has helped established artists find new ways to represent their style and sound, discovered new artists and introduced them to the world and has even been featured on reality television programs.

In November, Foster’s work will be showcased again, this time on a very ambitious project by Seal. The two teamed up to record a collection of 11 soul classics and they choose from some of the best, including Sam Cooke, Ann Pebbles and Deniece Williams. Seal described working with Foster as one of the best experiences of his musical career.

“I’ve worked with a lot of producers before, but never have I come across anyone as naturally gifted and knowledgeable as David,” he says.

Over the course of the recording, the two formed a friendship that made the normally rocky process of recording any album as smooth as it possibly could have been. As for the inherent ambition involved in recording an album that covers music by legends such as James Brown, Foster says, “I think he’s the only singer on the planet that could do this album, bringing something new and fresh to these classics, paying tremendous respect to their heritage, but, at the same time, owning them and making them uniquely “Seal”.”

Seal has gained a reputation as one of the rare musicians who can both top the charts and produce intelligent, meaningful music since he became internationally known in 1990. Seal started out singing in bands all over the world, and first made a huge splash with the song “Crazy”, which remains one of the most-recognized songs of the 1990’s. He has enjoyed great success with the four albums he’s released since and maintains an active schedule of live performances.

On November 11, Soul, Seal’s collaboration with Foster will be released. In the interim, video and audio samples are available on the artist’s website at Given the caliber of the team that created Soul, both are assured continued acclaim.

Source by P. Ruppert

The Search for Creativity

In the middle of the night I awaken with a sparkling idea that squeezes every ounce of sleep right out of me. For a few moments I lie unmoving, trying to convince myself that I’ll remember it in the morning if I drop off again now. The merciless wisdom of experience shakes me.

Inspiration can be a fickle…

…fleeting little thing who flutters through your dreams, splashes you in the shower and zooms right past you on the motor way; sometimes only just noticeable enough to grasp. I have learnt to whisk her to me when she shows, so I fumble for my pad which has slipped just out of reach. My tired eyes squint as the warm glow of my bedside lamp seems more like a cruel and hostile search light. Still, I feel that familiar, whole-body buzz that accompanies a good idea and begin to let a scrawled little stream flow onto the pages.

Oh, the bliss of night time inspiration!

Since then, a few weeks have passed and the gurgling stream has somewhat dried up in the heat of concentrated work on a new course, the next CD and what seem like thousands of other ‘incidentals’. Of course I’ve read all the books about how to be creative even when your head is on fire and the water’s freezing your feet in their wellies. I’ve heard many an inspiring tale of ‘real’ writers who manage to get up an hour earlier every morning and create wonderful works of art in less than a fortnight.

But, I ask myself…

…do these people have children to care for, houses to clean, gardens to tend and bills to pay? Do they have someone to share chores with and the most urgent question of all – how in heaven’s name do they do it?

What’s the trick to maintaining the creative flow, as well as navigating through the relentless mountain stream of life? How much faster do I have to swim to catch up with my raft?

And suddenly I remembered…

…from carefree childhood holidays – floating, being carried along, and ‘going with the flow’. Keeping still enough to allow the water to carry me. I could do that very well when I was young. Even the faster streams or the waves of the ocean I could ride without a board – just by knowing when to let go and where to concentrate. Sometimes only for a few short lengths, but never without the thrill and carefree joy of being washed along.

I hardly need to think much further to know that this is the answer to finding inspiration and maintaining my creative flow – and maybe yours too? Often, we make the mistake of thinking we need to work harder, faster and longer still. When it comes to creativity, it’s the child-like enthusiasm, the care-free yet single-minded concentration and the willingness to set our imagination free that does the trick.

So, how do we retain our productive flow amid the incessant hurdles of waiting tasks, ticking clocks and life’s responsibilities.

The dancers danced and the pianists played

The one thing all the great artists had in common was that they pampered their passions. If they enjoyed walking, they would do so for hours. The dancers danced, pianists played and gardeners planted. They knew of the importance of stepping out of the rat race and taking time to follow their bliss. They knew that this fuelled their creative fires and gave them the endurance to continue on when the stream turned into a trickle.

Enjoy the Thrill

So, I suggest you take inspiration from the Inspired Ones of the past and give yourself some good quality, guilt-free time out to do what will give you energy, motivation and focus. Then enjoy the thrill of going with that creative flow again.

Source by Annett Tate


O artista plástico e designer Eduardo Bittencourt teve seu “debut” no mundo da arte em 2015 na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, onde foi apontado como revelação em seu estilo pop art/grafit com a exposição MADE IN RIO, exclusiva sobre a cidade maravilhosa, mostra que rendeu parcerias com galerias de arte da capital fluminense. Formado em Publicidade, atuou como analista de marketing da afiliada Rede Globo no Paraná, Gerente de Marketing de shopping center e empresário, há três anos, Eduardo começou a se dedicar as artes plásticas, por meio de suas pinturas em estilo pop art. Natural de Olímpia, interior de São Paulo, o artista reside, hoje, em São José do Rio Preto, e já conta em seu currículo mais de 360 obras vendidas distribuídas por todo Brasil e em mais seis países além de contratos com galerias de arte no Brasil e no Exterior.
Inspirando suas criações no estilo “popart” movimento artístico que surgiu na Europa, nos anos 1950, e que ganhou força, nos Estados Unidos, na década de 1960 tendo Andy Warhol, como seu mais famoso protagonista. Cores “alegres” e pinceladas marcantes sobressaem nas obras de arte de Eduardo, cenas cotidianas, pessoas e celebridades da música e do cinema mundial ganham destaques e cada vez mais espaço no Brasil e no exterior em galerias de arte e exposições. De colecionadores, investidores, arquitetos e decoradores a pessoas comuns, o artista tem em seus princípios propagar sua arte “para todos os gostos e bolsos”. Em suas encomendas e criações especificas as obras de arte são feitas sobre um detalhamento da decoração do ambiente, quais formas e cores mais agradam o cliente e o mais importante, entender o que o próprio cliente deseja “expressar” ou “sentir” sobre a arte – “Essa forma de abraçar, o cliente o trazendo junto para a criação da obra é meu diferencial”.

Lançado em agosto de 2016, em exposição no Iguatemi Rio Preto, coleção de móveis FASHION MOBILE, nada mais é que uma transformação do móvel em obra de arte. De cadeiras, no estilo Luis XV, móveis antigos, itens de família, ou peças que as pessoas tenham identificação por seu modelo ou história o artista imprimi seus traços e realças os “sentimentos” do objeto.

A mostra SALTO de esculturas recém lançada em exposição no Iguatemi Rio Preto transportou o publico através das cores e dos materiais usados te a contemplar a vida e refletir sobre os grandes e pequenos saltos de sua nossa jornada rumo aos seus objetivos.
“Do arame, que venha a flexibilidade de lidar com os desafios da vida
Do concreto, que me dê a solides de estar sempre com os pés no chão
Das cores, que induza meu olhar sempre ao belo
Seja com pequenos ou grandes SALTOS, apenas movimente a felicidade”
SALTO – Eduardo Bittencourt

Serviço e encomendas:
Instagram @popartedu


Krause | YO LA TENGO 2018 #4/6 Tom Courtenay

: : YO LA TENGO : : Live am 9. Mai 2018 in den Münchner Kammerspielen. Ein Film von Horst O. W. Krause //.

YO LA TENGO ist (seit 1984) eine Band aus Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. Der Name ist spanisch und bedeutet übersetzt „Ich habe sie“. Mit diesem Ausdruck wird im Baseball ausgesagt, dass man den Ball fangen wird und die Mitspieler keine Kollision riskieren sollen.

YO LA TENGO wurden schon früh mit „The Velvet Underground“ verglichen – daher war es naheliegend, dass sie im Film „I Shot Andy Warhol“ die VELVETS spielten.

Aktuelle Besetzung:
Georgia Hubley (Gesang, Schlagzeug),
Ira Kaplan (Gesang, Gitarre) und
James McNew (Bass).

erschien erstmals 1995 auf ihrem Album „Electr-O-Pura”.

Julie Christie, the rumors are true
As the pages turn, my eyes are glued
To the movie star and his sordid life
Mr. Ex and his old-suffering wife
I spent so much time dreaming about Eleanor Bron
In my room with the curtains drawn
See her in the arms of Paul
Say it, I can say no more
As the music swells somehow stronger from adversity
Our hero finds his inner peace
So now I’m looking for a lucky charm
With a needle hanging out of its arm

As time goes by I know it’s gonna happen
I know it’s going away
Gonna take its toll, gonna take its toll
Gonna take my time
And I’m thinking about the way things are
And I’m thinking about the way things were
Thinking about Eleanor Bron
And I’m thinking about a lucky charm
And I’m thinking about the needle
Oh, I’m thinking about the needle
And I’m thinking about..

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Understanding Women Psychology and the Evolution of Women in Society

Psychology is both an academic and an applied discipline that addresses mental and behavioral aspects of individuals. It also addresses the same in regard to groups of people. It is a discipline through which psychologists set out to understand mental functions and social behavior in addition to establishing both physiological and biological processes that inform cognitive functions and social behavior in individuals and groups of individuals.

Although psychology is to a large extent applied in assessing and treating individuals with mental illness, it is also applied in establishing and solving various problems that confront humanity in general and one area that has attracted psychologists’ attention is woman psychology, which is often referred as feminine psychology.

The wider society has generally been very unkind to women. It is common knowledge that most societies around the world reduced status of women to being wives and mothers. This is mainly because women were considered to be the weaker sex. It is because of this prejudice that women in some countries and in particular developing countries continue to suffer from lack of quality education among others. Indeed, the number of women engaged in professional work in such countries is very minimal.

It is only at the beginning of the 20th century that some societies realized that women too had a role to play particularly in such matters as decision-making and career development. Indeed, it was in the 20th century that a number of women right across the world rose to some of the most influential positions including as political leaders. It is also in the 20th century that many countries enacted legislation that gave women the right to vote and own property in their own name rather than in their husbands’ name as it used to be. This cultural shift was no doubt propelled by realization by men that the importance of women is not limited to being wives and mothering children. They have the capacity to perform just like men when it comes to education and capable of performing even better than men in different professions.

One area of women psychology that continues to baffle psychologists is how educated women manage to balance motherhood and their career. There is no doubt that playing the role of a traditional wife and mother can simply be overwhelming. For a woman to excel professionally while at the same time provide the needed love and emotional support to her family is something that many men cannot accomplish yet many women have not only managed to bring up their families well but have also rose to become some of the top scientists, doctors, politicians, lawyers and psychologists among other professionals in the world.

It is from feminine psychology that men have crafted some of the weirdest ways of seducing women. Unknown to men, women too have crafted their own ways of not only telling when they are seduced but also how to seduce men who turn out to be “fearful” of women even though they have and show interest in establishing relationships.

It is common knowledge that men now create interest in women of their choice before “withdrawing” that interest for women to chase after them instead of the other way round, which seems to work for some men. There are also men who simply make themselves standout from other men by simply grooming themselves well to attract women, which also works. Still, there are others who resort to making themselves valuable and playing hard to get, which is often associated with women. Of all strategies that men employ in seducing women, it is probably the practice of establishing emotional connection that most men around the world resort to. Indeed, there are men who understand women psychology well to appoint where they are able to identify a set of women psychology loopholes that they exploit.

Source by Ariba Adnan

Art pop Nail Art

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[King of masked singer][복면가왕] – ‘Cancer’ VS ‘The solar system’ 1round – Love Sick 20180708

‘Cancer’ VS ‘The solar system’ 1round – Love Sick
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【Mask King】.

‘Mask King’ is a competition between 8 celebrities compeletely hidden from

mask while they sing. The program focuses on the stars singing abilities and

guesses whose faces are hidden behind a mask.

Reported by ‘Mask King’ team, the line up or singer casting will be kept as a

secret for each week.

★★★More “Mask king” clips are available★★★