Introducing Pop Art Artist Dennis Larkins at Mirador Gallery in Santa Fe 1/7

Click this to see more videos of Pop Art Artist Dennis Larkins at Mirador Gallery in Santa Fe.
To Purchase His Artwork Call Mirador Gallery (505) 995-1977
In this Video Dennis Larkins describes his work, “It triggers something inside that creates a response. The response that it creates is variable depending on the person” ” The more you get into the content the more you might realize that it’s actually the story of you not the story of me”

Dennis Larkins is responsible for pioneering and refining a bold new approach to artistic expression. His paintings literally jump off the canvas, his prints seem to pull you into a three-dimensional world. His work combines clear traces of his varied and eclectic theatrical career, juxtaposed with the pop-surrealism of cultural images, with subjects ranging from edgy to darkly humorous to whimsically cosmic.

The limitations of photography and the Internet prevent you, gentle surfer, from fully appreciating the topographical qualities of Dennis’ body of work. Fortunately, the power of the images hold up just fine in two-dimensions, so don’t hesitate to browse the pieces presented below and appreciate for yourself the many other levels that each painting presents.

Or, to put it in Dennis’ own words, “Art is the point of contact between artist and viewer, idea and expression, cause and effect. The result is a creative experience containing limitless potential for dialog and interpretation.”

“How does he do it?” Dennis uses foams, rubber, and plastics to achieve a combination of low- and high-relief sculpture directly applied to the canvas or built up in layers. Some paintings “pop” more than others, but even the most multi-layered works (“Unfinished Business”, for example) do not exceed five inches in depth. But, thanks to Dennis’ skill, even a few inches of dimensionality can seem to create the illusion of a fully immersive scene.


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