Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform a Face into a POP ART Poster

Photoshop CS6 tutorial showing how make a pop art poster from a photo of someone.

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25 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform a Face into a POP ART Poster”

  1. It's not letting me to use the gradient on the object rather every time I try to color the object by using gradient it Sends the color to background and the object stays black. I don't know what wrong i am doing. Please help

  2. Why doesn't it select all when you are in channels and push the load channel as selection tool? When I apply the gradient tool after that, it only changes the lighter parts. I can't seem to change or edit the selection in the "load channel as selection" part.

  3. Very good tutorial! I have one problem. For most of the images I try this with I get unsatisfactory results at the posterize-step. Too much of the photo is black and most of the features in the face/body disappear. Any tip on how to avoid that?

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