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lol I said my channel would be about gaming and here I am making a rant. Oh well, this deserves to be addressed in this not so ranty rant. Lots of money may have been wasted here and I want this sorted out, if anyone can help me, please let me know!

(also this is my first rant I’m sorry its bad omg)

PLEASE NOTE: I do not encourage witch-hunting! I’d like to eventually get down to the bottom of this myself so please, refrain from attacking this person!

Journal In The Note: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7872022/
Account I Purchased The Character From: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fettipop

Rayman – Pencil Pentathlon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWgwwrGSRLQ&list=PL08DDE985A864CA9B&index=21

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  1. Not against buying OCs but…this character doesn't look like it's worth it. It looks pretty basic and doesn't stand out to me. I mean, if you gonna spend money maybe you could buy some popular characters that have a story behind. That would be a good investment. Otherwise just google search "cute chubby girl" and you will get tons of results to help you make your own.

  2. Erm… At 6:02 in the video, there's a pop up in the corner of the screen, with a warning. I tired to make it out, but, I could tell it read, 'Windows is infected!' I think the post might have had a virus of some sort, and it was attempting to download itself. I hope your computer is alright, and with it it's files, because looking at the date of the video, I might be late.

  3. Cant be an art thief if u SOLD A CHARACTER TO SOMEONE ELSE…. thats like selling a character to a game company then complaining that theyre reselling th character u made in a videogame and profiting off of it….. W H A T ?


    I had an episode similar to this with someone sell me 'ownership' of something like an oc. For me, this base's purpose was making it available as a download on DA so people could use it for developing skills. The next day I found that the original artist has left a long rant about being sick of dealing with tracers and art thiefs. And is why you should always confirm if the person who is selling the piece is the REAL and ORIGINAL artist. $20 bucks for a well-drawn, excuse me traced, base to post anywhere only to have about 50+ people (no joke) yelling at you for stealing art from a well-known commission artist really isn't worth it. Apologies don't work well either in those situations with so many people riled up.
    So just a warning to the wise, please make sure the art actually belongs to the seller in the first place before buying it. Repercussions of not doing this are not worth it, especially when it costs you your renown and reputation. I had to literally start over and make a new name for myself because of that and I don't want the same to happen to someone else so please, everyone here, make sure you know for sure that the person is the original artist.
    Thank you for reading this rant.

  5. Something similar like this happened to me involving an Oc of mine. This one user just came up to me and was all like, and i quote

    " god if this was a adopt i would pay you lol i really like her design and want to adopt her lol

    Then later on, found out that this same person commented on a request journal (The person who written that journal was doing custom oc requests ) using my oc as a ref link without my permission, saying stuff like she wanted the same waist bag as my oc, the same hair colour ect. She took the pic link down when i told her off, but i got suspicions that she was trying to copy my oc in a different when she couldn't get it instead :/

  6. OK OK OK I trace sometimes, but I NEVER take all the credits. One time I traced from Eclipse Splash or wutever her name is, and someone asked me if I drew it, and yes, I ONLY traced the body shape, and added my own Character colors, and I said "No, no, no. This is a trace, so I give all the credit to the original artist, and the character colors r mine." If u don't believe me and if u think I said "Yes I drew this ALL by myself, totally not traced by a amazing artist." Welp, ok, then?

  7. This actually reminds me of how I had this OC that was called Seroliana and I worked extremely hard on it. After my friend whom i had given her a piece of art using this character. Later (few years after) I looked at the art that they had posted on their facebook page. I had then realized that theese where all of my art pieces that i had made her using that character. She colored over the enitials i wrote on the page and she took credit for the art. I confronted her online and posted a video on my facebook and showed the artwork. After the problem was solved though, I took down the video and she took down the pictures of my art so don't goo looking for the pictured


    Here's her DeviantArt Profile:

    An artist being stolen from:

    She has a tumblr too!!:


    The artist who was stolen from is being blocked; negotiation is not going to work on this user! I have already called her out, though. So, I will most-likely be blocked as well..Just, help Claire! She really needs the help!

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