Two of Arts – 2000 Visual Mashups

Two of Arts - 2000 Visual Mashups

A mosaic of the number 2 made from the art of 2000 Visual Mashups

A celebration of the 2000th work of art being added to the Visual Mashups pool, and the hearts and minds of 200 Visual Mashup artists!

Congratulations to the Visual Mashups Group!

This image is a processed blend of some of the most "interesting" numerals 2 on flickr, composed with some of the best images of the number 2 in modern art, composed with images from the Visual Mashups pool that, while entirely abstract, had the same basic form as the number 2. To see the resulting blend of "twos" used as the source art for this mosaic, click here:

Too Many Twos

The blended Twos were then converted to a mosaic using almost every single one of the first TWO THOUSAND images added to the Visual Mashups pool.


Check out my latest mosaic (a sideways glance into the world of pop art, video, and pop music), in which I’ve used some new collaging techniques, here:

Lady Gaga

Posted by qthomasbower on 2009-05-25 19:52:03

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