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  1. There was a color movie made in the early to mid sixties about androids care taking humans after a nuclear war….Warhol described it as one of his favorite films…..saw it once but can't remember its title…..can anyone help?….the dialogue was very philosophical and it was a quite interesting film because of this….very intelligent scripting for the most part

  2. I mean you're entitled to your own opinion. Maybe you think they're too long or kind of pointless even after trying to understand them, which is fine. I was just letting you know what I do to help me kind of see what Warhol was trying to do with these experiments.

  3. Nah man it's just being able to understand the expression. You don't have to be in the mood or on drugs (although you probably could be, I don't know from personal experience because I just really like his videos). It also really helps if you put yourself in the time period when these were made, because they were pretty revolutionary in the art world. Sure, movies existed, but for a pop artist to begin using film as medium for expression that he usually only conveys in art? Unheard of.

  4. I agree .
    Many movies are marvelous and sometimes people don't understand it.
    But a movie with 8 hours only featuring the Empire state building
    Come On !
    Seems like people watch this stuff so they feel more smart and art-lovers.
    Doesn't make any sense .

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