Real Demon Manifests In Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion : Illuminati Exposed

Lady Gaga & The song Perfect Illusion off her new album Joanne is proof she is back to her satanic work in the Illuminati controlled music industry. We clearly see her being possessed by Lucifer and his demons in this video. The elite even have her set up to preform at the 2017 Super Bowl halftime Show! When watching Lady Gaga’s music videos we must be careful. Lady Gaga proves once again that she is in love with witchcraft and the devil. She really hasn’t strayed too far at all from the Illuminati while taking 3 years off from making music. Even though Lady Gaga exposed the evils of the illuminati at one point, she went back up to her old tricks, in fear of her life. Once again the elite are blatantly trying to brainwash her fans with subtle MK ultra mind control programming. We must spread the word, and inform the masses of the massive experiment taking place on their minds, all in preparation for the new world order!


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  1. Came across this expose video: to hope that we enjoyed the video is a tall order. Surely it is a very far cry from β€˜joy’ … for exposing evil, yes, if it states truth, and it probably does, sadly.

    Perhaps if you continue to make these videos, you might want to say…

    I hope the true facts within this video make you aware of the dangers of listening to the music from these people: the draw that compels you to watch or engage with this is dangerous ESPECIALLY if you have young children, you are saying to them, THIS IS NORMAL, when it is clearly dangerous.

    TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WHILE THEY ARE YOUNG to relate to clean healthy pursuits. It’s too late as they get older, the pull and the draw will be too strong for them.

    Thank you for the video…….. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. "corrupt tax collectors and prostitutes will enter the Kingdom of God before you.' Jesus Christ. how about a beautiful video of Jesus quotes and parables and your personal experience and testimony rather than this ego projection? but only if you are a true follower of Jesus.

  3. I am reading comments and I am so freaked out at how easily brainwashed people are… Everything is in our mind.. This people take tone of drugs.. drugs make your mind go crazy.. Also the demon thing sells out too much.. because people have successfully been brainwshed about God's existence as if they have seen him with their eyes.. Those aame people say to other to "wake up" without realizing that they are the ones who are sleeping.. If money is devil's thing then we should all die because without money you die.. Money is essensial for surviving, and we all are trying to get more of it in order to help ourselves and our beloved ones who are suffering. Our mind is a very powerful tool and we use a small amount of it..

  4. I hate to 'rain on your parade'…BUT…continuing to support these 'ILLUSIONS' who pass themselves off as anything other than WHAT they truly are…M-E-N in DRAG is what is WRONG. 'Ga Ga' IS THE ILLUSION…wakey wakey kid…

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