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  1. You're not really supposed to watch it continuously. It's background, which is how people often consume television. Early daytime TV, for instance, was designed for women to consume while doing household tasks, so the emotions had to be kept very simple and obvious. And today, people routinely watch TV or other screens while doing other things. When this was made, film was almost always seen in the theater, where you had to pay attention to it and nothing else, but today we watch film on all sorts of devices in all sorts of situations. Warhol's films were frequently screened at his studio, the Factory, while other things were happening, and he also showed them as part of "happenings" simultaneously with other films, dances, musical performances, etc. So, this wasn't designed to be seen in isolation. It's also a commentary on how watching TV or a film is an everyday activity, like eating.

  2. Interesting. This and (though perhaps more so) the film he made of himself eating a burger almost seem to predict the way people are using instagram to share their meals nowadays, or how people in South Korea livestream themselves eating. 
       Consumption is intimate, but food also plays a very social role. Andy may well have known this. Still… not fucking watching this for 40 minutes.

  3. The movie is meant to make you think(or not) and let your mind wander to conjure up ideas of your own while watching.  I'm not surprised that the majority of human beings on the planet don't understand the concept of films such as this. 

    People are scared they might reflect on themselves a little bit too much with 40 minutes of silence and a simple moving picture.  Sort of like the way people go stir-crazy when they have a week off of work.  So that's what Warhol's films represent, people's discontent with their lot in life and stupidity.

    The film is fantastic and I'm glad it exists.

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