Melanie Martinez Denies Rape Allegations Made By Former Friend

Singer Melanie Martinez is being accused of rape by her friend. Brett, Grace, Daron, and Jason discuss. Let us know what you think of these accusations.


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22 Replies to “Melanie Martinez Denies Rape Allegations Made By Former Friend”

  1. I don't know if this is true but I went on twitter to look this up but then I found a tweet saying something like
    "Im a friend of one of timonthy's closest friends and I saw Timonthy watching rape nonstop loving the rape culture and stuff and she wanted to plan this on October on melanie" and stuff.Im seriously not lying I actually saw the tweet but I wish I just remembered the name of the man who tweeted that but all I remember is that it started with a C for his name.Then I went on youtube to a channel called "mel's corner"(anyone know that)and saw a video on melanie proof showing in the video that fans went to timonthy's amount on instagram in result they found pictures posted about timonthy and melanie together after the day timonthy said they "did it".They also found pictures of melanie returning after a concert ON THE DAY TIMONTHY SAID THEY DID IT ON.I think I know why Timonhy did this and I think it was because she felt left out after melanie became popular and because they ended their relationship.I really don't know but all I'm saying is that all of this are 100% real but I don't know leave a reply on what you think because I am so confused right now…

  2. people who's main point is "if this was a man you would instantly blame them but cuz she's a girl you're on her side"
    honestly no
    if i heard something like "edd sheeran accused of sexual assault" the first thing i would do is research and not instantly hate him same with melanie
    i still love her music and im really sad she tried to commit suicide
    i honestly think she didn't do that or atleast not in her mind
    heller has issues of her own (bpd and at that time she had other issues too) that might have made her regret things afterward and made her think she was obviously saying no when melanie believe she wanted it idk
    now that mel looks back maybe she feels guilty because she doesn't know anymore if timothy wanted it or not
    please pause for a second and don't blame melanie for this until we hear both sides of the story
    and an actual date when this happened since they were in different states on 25th
    the pic with handcuffs is from 2014 so that's a bit weird on tim's side of the story so whatever

    if timothy really didn't wanna ruin mel's carrier she would take it to court

  3. Okay, this is the thing i dont understand.

    everyone commenting and say " oh shes lying' or shes just doing this for attention" or " sill inocent until proven guilty"

    needs to go because if melanie was a man and nobody would say those thing its allways YEAH HE DID IT THE GIRLS SAYING THE TRUTH

    and i still dont understand. i belive timothy 100 percent! rape is nothing to lie about

  4. 2:28
    It’s consensual. You loved Melanie and let it happened. Whether I love someone or not I do not want to be reminded of the time I got raped myself. Chick waits two years. Chick doesn’t get checked out for any stds just Incase? Doesn’t even go tell others until NOW? Waits til Melanie is big and releases her unsuccessful new song? Please. It’s a cry for attention in my perspective. So many flags telling that Timothy may be lying. No I’m not a crazy fan for Melanie lol I just like her songs. But dig deeper. Don’t just believe everything you say. Would you believe me if I said out the blue on social media JB RAPED ME? With no evidence, no texts, no calls etc and again — Out the blue on the internet? It would affect him and I would be getting the attention because he’s big and I’m not.

  5. I feel like that maybe they are Both Saying the truth, I've been in situations where I didn't want to have sex but I also just went with and never showed that i didn't want to have sex but the boys didn't know that I felt uncomfortable not that I would ever prosecute them. Maybe when Timothy went with it finally Melanie thought maybe she changed her mind and that she wanted it Even tho Deep down timothy was feeling uncomftorble. And didnt Show Signs. So maby when Melanie says she didnt say no she was Talking about the Pacific Time that it happened so in her mind she Belived Timothy Wanted it. I feel like we as humans Need to know what Are the Signs of People Who Are just going Along with sexual thing . I do think that nagging someone to do somthing is wrong and she should have asked Timothy that she was comftorble considering she had said no before. But Mabey Melanie didn't intentionally rape her. I think it would be best if she apologised and stated that in the future that she would make sure that people aren't just going along with it. Idk just a theory

  6. Melanie Martinez is a Rapist. She tweeted the girl "You didn't say no". If she was a guy she'd be finished. I'm also looking at these comments and seeing a very contrasting difference when it's a woman doing this to another woman or someone people like. I'll say this: If you don't get behind Timothy the way you do for other victims people are going to start calling the whole movement bulls***.

  7. This is very weird I do not understand why putting together a show when you can accuse it directly where the competent authorities and then publicly denounce this was out of the blue, I think that things did not go well between her and here the scandal but I do not think the I think it wasn't a rape , I do not know just my thoughts, I will wait for the last thing that is resolved and then I will take a side of the story not because someone scream raped me is true you have to calm down check guys.

  8. This is making me really mad!! I don't see why y'all are making a big deal about it. Crybabies need to stop harassing timothy, and Timothy's fans need to stop harassing Melanie. I'm not taking sides but i get sick of this!!

  9. Im sick of this stuff. I heard tbis stuff twice . Just stop!!!😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  10. I had to google that mia matina (stereo love) and melanie martinez werent the same person tbh. Agree with all the points brought up in this discussion.
    On a seperate part, I think its importanf that we dont pick and choose who to believe based on allegations. Its important that we believe the victims based on the statistics, but its also important that we dont act too soon against the alledged perpetrators until the facts are out and corroborated. This is a hard time because so many stories and allegations are coming out that we start to form opinions and our level of emotional stability is being tested. Its just important we be smart, open to listen and further the dialogue to solve the bigger problem at hand of sexual assault.

  11. Shame on you poptrigger, you are presenting allegations as facts. They are not the same thing. Provide receipts before condemning either of them. By the way, Twitter statements from 3rd party individuals are not receipts.

  12. not hold perpetrators accountable for own actions Remove Culabilty Frome perpetrator transfer blame sexual assault victim continued perpetual rape cultural victim blame sexual assault perpetrators think above law can get way with law does not apply have great Tuesday 🌅 peace 💘 Brett Grace Jason Daron

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