CultureBuzz’s Ultimate Exhibition Guided Tour! Bosmat Niron & “The Sound of Pop Art”

Our 40th chapter of a fascinating Series, providing you with the Ultimate Exhibition Guided Tours by either the artist, the curator, the Gallery owner or Museum director (& sometimes more than one)!

What: “The Sound of Pop Art”.
Where: The Volvo Showroom, 17 Itzhak Sadeh St., Tel Aviv.
When: 3-24 December 2013.

Meet your guide: Bosmat Niron (the curator).

For more:

curator and producer Bosmat Niron PR Michal Sadanאוצרת ומפיקה בשמת ניראון, יחסי ציבור מיכל סדןwww.bosmatniron.comעיצו…

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