ezimba-web- Enter the Matrix Internal Pop Art 3×3

ezimba-web- Enter the Matrix Internal Pop Art 3x3

ezimba is a web site that can apply different imaging effects.

I used one picture for all the effects just for consistency for comparison. The title for each photo consists of the category of the effect and the name of the effect. Some effects would be better used on a different image. There are some effects also that appear to do the same thing in different effect categories.

Ezimba also has a Facebook app, Google Android app, and a free iPhone app. Please note that the free iPhone app puts a small logo on the edited image. You can buy the paid ezimba app and not have the logo.

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Sturdy TV Brackets Use Posts

Most, if not all sources, define a stud finder as a small permanent magnet in a metal container. When the magnet clicks against the container, it means the magnet is directly over some metal that activated the magnetism. It is used to identify where wooden or metal beams exist underneath the exterior walls. It can help in locating good places to use nails, picture hangers or wall brackets. TV wall brackets are used to hang TVs on the wall. It is recommended that the TV brackets be attached to the heavy beams in order to help carry the weight of the television display. Sheet rock without a stud or beam behind it is fairly thin and will yield to even a pushpin. If there is a stud behind the wall, you might not be able to push a pin through the wall. A stud is an ideal place to screw the wall mounts firmly and securely. A stud finder can be electronic or magnetic. The electronic stud finder detects differences in density to identify a wooden beam behind the wall. The magnetic stud finder locates metal studs, and is also helpful in finding metal screws or nails embedded on the wooden stud. A wall bracket can be screwed into a wooden or metal stud easily.

You can listen closely to the sound when the magnet clicks against the container. The stud finder can emit an audible beep when it encounters metal. Some models use screens with readings to locate the stud. The beep is the more often preferred model. However there may be environments where the sound cannot be heard and viewing the reading is the only other option. Once you find the stud, mark it and hold your TV bracket over the location to check its appearance and look on the wall. A stud finder is a convenient and efficient way of locating studs without damaging the walls. If you don’t have a stud finder, you can locate a stud by knocking on the wall until you hear a dull sound. Rapping on the wall brings out a hollow sound if there is no stud behind the wall. You can apply this method to find the general area of the stud and then use the stud finder if you need to locate the nails and screws embedded on the stud.

Locating a stud is necessary if you want to hang heavy objects on the wall, such as a television set. Hanging a TV on the wall requires installation of TV wall brackets upon which you can hang the television screen. A large television can easily pull out of the wall and become unwieldy if the TV wall brackets are not secured to studs or beams behind the wall. Manufacturers of TV wall brackets design different models and types of TV wall mounts to fit the weights and sizes of all types of TV brands. If you choose the correct TV wall mount, you can be sure the wall bracket will not break or crack under the weight of the television display. However, one important aspect which is mentioned in passing is the need to install the wall brackets onto studs or heavy beams located behind the wall paneling because what might give way is the support on which the wall mount is screwed on. People unfamiliar with house constructions might think that they can choose any spot on the wall to install their TV brackets. They don’t realize the need for a firm and secure hold of the TV wall brackets until they hang the TV on the wall brackets and notice the weight of the television sagging and pulling against the wall. In most situations of this nature, the wall gives in and you end up with a gaping hole in the wall and a damaged television screen. Remember the next time you are provided TV wall brackets to check the wall for the location of the studs. Secure the wall brackets firmly into heavy beams to ensure that the weight placed on the wall mount can be held without any difficulty.

Sharon Needles – Andy Warhol Is Dead [Official]

A Geek Mythology Production

Director Ben Simkins
Producer Katelyn Simkins
Edited by Katelyn and Ben Simkins
Starring Sharon Needles
DP Luke Askelson
Key Grip Melanie Watson
PA Michael Glod
Wigs Chad O’Connell
Executive Producer David Charpentier

Producer Entertainment Group

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A Guide To Constructing An Artists And Illustrators Light Box

To produce a clean piece of clean inked line art from a finalised pencil sketch be you an illustrator, graphic designer or general artist I have found the best method of producing apiece was through use of a light box.

This simple to construct tool produces superior looking work over inking a pencilled piece and removing the pencil lines with an eraser.

In my career as a freelance illustrator I have found this piece of kit priceless, samples of my work created on a light box can be seen in my business gallery located here.

Light boxes maybe purchased from artist retailers but can easily be built bye oneself to make relatively cheaply a superior product to the size you work best with, be it a small light box for work on A5 pictures to an A2 sized board.

The size should depend on your preferred working range; the box ideal should be a paper size larger to allow you to freely move your work around the surface.

A clean light is best to work from, a ordinary bulb produces a yellowish tinted light which is not as bright as the white of a halogen lamp, crumpling ordinary tin foil and flattening it out to line the interior surface of the box will disperse and reflect far more light then a plain surface. This light is also dispersed evenly across the underside of the work surface.

The work surfaces itself obviously needs to be a transparent material, not a clear surfaces as the light will come strait through in specific spots, an opaque material such as Perspex is best, the thickness of the plastic is proportionate to the size of the light box, the smaller the size the thinner the material can be to support the weight of the artist leaning on it, I work on a surface 50cm by 60cm with a plastic 1cm thick.

Perspex can be acquired from building retailers and plastic firms.

A slopped surface at about fifteen degrees is a comfortable angle to work at, raising the work up enough that you are not required to lean over your box for long hours that can become very uncomfortable.

The frame of the box can be made out of any desired strong material, a wood is easiest to work with, a flat board at base with the front and back boards made first so an angel can be marked on the side boards that is easy to cut and will fit on letting the work surface fit comfortably, as the bulbs generate heat a series of ventilation holes should be put into the back board, the slope of the surface guiding the heated air up and out of the box.

The assembly can be fixed together with screw, glue or even a strong masking tape, just be sure that it is sturdy to work on and you will have an invaluable tool that will provide countless hours of good service.

Source by Richard Powell

Artist Turns His Breakfast Eggs Into Works Of Art – Funny Food Art – Art with Eggs

Artist Turns His Breakfast Eggs Into Works Of Art – Funny Food Art – Art with Eggs

These days food is a quite popular object to photograph – Instagram and Facebook are full of people sharing their meals every day. Michele Baldini from Mexico is one of those guys who shares his breakfast with the world, the only difference is that there’s no doubt his account is worth a follow!

The food artist uses only eggs to create amazing things with his spatula – from pop culture references and landscapes to recreations of famous artworks, such as Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Scroll down for, as the artist says himself, a life-changing eggsperience!

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