MAUSA : le premier musée d’Art Urbain et de Street Art en France ouvre dans le Jura

A Toulouse-le-Château (Jura), sur le site des anciennes Forges de Baudin, ouvre un tout nouveau musée d’art urbain et de Street art, le MAUSA. Découverte en direct dans le journal de midi.

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What Is It About Chris Martin of Coldplay?

Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in Rock Alternative or any genre of music, worldwide. Their songs and sounds featured on radio and in movies, but what is it about Coldplay and their songs? or better yet, what is it about their singer and songwriter Chris Martin that draws listeners in?

Like many great bands, if you take a look back to their earlier works and compare them to their most recent you’ll see an often dramatic change in their sound, songs and production. It’s typical for major bands and artists to work with producers, who will drastically or subtly change their sound as it’s needed on recordings to make them better, but its really the growth of the artists that make them better with time. The music business is so fraught with talent and professionals that to stick around, you need to mean a lot, to a lot of people.

Listeners really like to get into Artists who have something to say, and really take comfort when what they hear relates to them. If that artist is staying honest, then as they grow over time, their fans will come with them, which is why the greatest bands not only attract new fans, but also retain fans from the very beginning. People heard something good and didn’t let go.

One thing that separates Chris Martin and Coldplay from the bunch is that their always presenting their songs as story that people can relate to. Not always literally, but next time you listen you’ll understand that the best songwriters, your favorites let you make a picture in your head of what everyone is going through and feeling.

Coldplay also has the reputation of having particularly emotional content in their songs. Even if the topics change or the story isn’t the same, Chris martin is always taking us back to that place where everyone understands things, emotionally. Lyrics like “If you love me, won’t you let me know” is something most everyone has asked or experienced.

And “Lights go out and I can’t be saved…tides that I tried to swim against” is something that everyone can relate to.

The metaphors in Coldplay lyrics may seem simple upon analysis, but perhaps that’s exactly why they resonate with so many people, because it doesn’t take a unique experience to understand something that’s said to affect a lot of people, a feeling of helplessness, a difficult trial or an unrequited love. The words aren’t lost on anyone. Another band that was very successful with that approach to song writing and ironically has had one of the longest runs in the business, as well as one of the most prolific singers is U2. Next time you really like something, ask yourself if it’s because the artist has tried top speak down to you with lofty concepts or if it’s because they’re reaching out to you with something any honest person can feel.

Source by Frank A Mitaritonna

El mejor barrio de Buenos Aires / Street Art [16] VLOG DE VIAJES


📽 Vlog de viajes de un estudiante español en Argentina 📽

Hola compañeros otra semana más. Como explico en el vídeo, no se trata de que un barrio sea mejor o peor que otro realmente. Es una visión muy subjetiva por mi parte, opinión personal, y me gustaría que todos opinaran, y se abriera un debate.




✈️Un saludo mis compañeros✈️


Garden Photography

As the seasons change the colour of your garden will change with it. Most gardens are a rich source of great colours, patterns and vivid textures and can make for a perfect setting to practice all different kinds of photography – especially close-up nature photography.

Your garden can be one of the most wonderful places to take images of flowers, insects and a variety of small birds – and if you are lucky, occasionally other types of wildlife might wander into your garden.

You don’t need great sunshine to go out into the garden – overcast days are always great days to get into the garden and capture the majestic colours of flowers.

Flower photography can be challenging, but when done right is most rewarding. The key to getting good flower pictures is pretty straightforward – get in close. You don’t need to buy a macro lens to achieve this, a good telephoto lens on a tripod should do.

Use a large aperture (low f/number) to isolate your flower. This will get rid of any unwanted background, which sometimes focus attention away from your flower portrait.

Don’t be afraid to use your flash – even on a bright day. This will get rid of any unwanted blur and help make your flower picture sharp.

These are simple tips to follow and should help to make your garden images better.

Photographing insects in many ways is similar to taking pictures of flowers. You need to get in close; your focusing has to be perfect and you also must minimize motion. If you are having trouble photographing insects try the following.

Pick a single flower on which you focus. Place a light fabric around any other flowers to isolate your shot. Now its time to place the bait – perfume is ideal to attract bees, butterflies and other insects into your outdoor studio. Use your strobe unit to freeze any motion with fast moving insects. This should be used in the brightest conditions and will stop any movement in your nature portrait. Now it is time to sit and wait until your bait attracts your prey.

Your garden is also full of all kinds of other creatures. Garden birds will make an attractive image; they will be up and out at an early hour so it’s best to join them. Try building a hide in the garden and get up before sunrise – you will be surprised what creatures will wander in front of you at an early hour. Lay some bait around the garden to attract them in.

Use the elements of the weather to create more impact in your garden images. Early morning mist will leave droplets of water on leaves and flower petals. Use garden statues and other garden objects to create attractive silhouette images at dusk.

One of the biggest attributes of nature, wildlife and garden photography is patience. Even though you are at home great patience is required to get the best results from your garden photography…happy shooting.