Indiegogo: ZFG presents #TheMostOpenMicInTheCity Pop-Up Stage and Art Gallery

“Art deserts” is the new buzz term for communities with little to no access to museums, art galleries, or performance venues. This concept, however, is not new at all to the city of Sacramento. Communities like Del Paso Heights, Oak Park, and South Sacramento have long been suffering from a lack of resources in this area. Studies show that a lack of creative outlets and positive mentoring for the youth of a community lead to higher crime, gang involvement, and substance abuse.

Zero Forbidden Goals was started in 2014 with the mission of making the arts accessible in every neighborhood, regardless of income, to promote unabashed creativity, and to provide youth with a much needed creative outlet using Hip Hop and performance art. Since 2014, ZFG has taken it’s flagship event, The Most Open Mic In The City, through every community in Sacramento as well as traveling to neighboring cities, schools, and events bringing some of the most talented poets, singers, and performance artists.

And we did this all for free.
With no stage, no music, no amplified sound, and no art supplies.
Just a committed team of volunteers dedicated to the mission.

We were recently granted $10,000 as part of The Crocker Art Museum’s Block by Block project to build a mobile stage and art gallery. This resource will allow ZFG to further expand our program to feature live musical acts both locally and from our national and international networks, as well as bringing a public art making component and gallery to showcase local visual artists in those communities.

This opportunity has already allowed us to open up conversations with city council members about bringing more art to their communities. We envision traveling throughout Sacramento and as far as Stockton and San Francisco with this exhibition in 2016.

Though the initial funding will cover costs for building the stage and art gallery through it’s initial pop-up series of seven community events, we intend to make stops in every district and all over Northern California in 2016.

And this is where you come in.

It is through the generous contributions of art supporters that we will be able to continue providing The Most Open Mic In The City as a free arts experience for the public. Your donations will go directly to upgrades, upkeep, travel expenses, and paying artists.

You have seen us grow from a small team of artists with a vision and we thank those of you who have supported that vision along the way.

Yours in service,

Zero Forbidden Goals



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