Avery • Digital Painting a Polaroid Photo • Voiceover

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31 Replies to “Avery • Digital Painting a Polaroid Photo • Voiceover”

  1. Danica pls can you make a video about blending the colors of the environment in the drawing when i color my drawing the character is just out of place with the atmosphere like the setting is mid afternoon or smthing then the shadows the colors around the lighting its just too hard to know what to blend with the color of the char. for example with the given atmosphere the character's clothe is green but i ended up making it a punchy green and does not fit with the environment

  2. I think you should know, after getting skillshare due to your recommendation and setting up a monthly subscription, shillshare stole $150 from my account. Apparently this has been a regular issue with them for years. If you're going to recommend a product, make sure they aren't scamming your followers.

  3. I don't know what it is about this piece in particular but I'm driven after watching it from start to finish. The entire thing was extremely inspiring and got my creative needs to jitter with this need to draw now! Don't know what but I'm saving this video in a 2018 Inspiring Playlist of some sort. (soon as I decide what to name it etc) which is right now! 😀 and then of course start drawing my own things! Whatever it may be O.O

  4. That's really interesting, I find I often have the opposite experience with using digital vs traditional mediums. I feel much more free working digitally because I know it's so easy to change things, whereas I get so intimidated with traditional pieces that I end up avoiding making finished pieces for fear of "wasting" my supplies. I'm working on letting go of that more, though

    This is beautiful, by the way! 😀

  5. i know it probably would have made the video longer, but i would have liked to see the process here.. i love your art so much you literally got me back into doing art and i cant thank you enough 2:59

  6. maybe your attitude changes because of the disposability of digital art? with traditional its a lot harder to throw things away and theyre much more permanent. idk but thats how i feel about it.

  7. How do you get used to using the wacom, and similar, pads to draw with? I'm so used to traditional paper, and it is hard for me to have such a drastic change. P.S. This drawing is beautiful.

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