My Drawings from 2017 – RECAP

Here’s a recap video showing all all of my drawings from 2017. Thank you so much for the amazing support this past year! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2018! 🙂
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I worked on a bunch of different drawings this past year, including Attack on Titan (Armored Titan, Eren Jaeger, and more), along with lots of dragons and fantasy art! I also loved drawing Pennywise, Toothless, and many other interesting characters. It was a great year and I feel like I learnt a lot of new drawing techniques.

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29 Replies to “My Drawings from 2017 – RECAP”

  1. Hi everyone! Here's my 2017 Recap video showing all of the drawings and paintings I worked on over the past year! Thank you so much for the continued incredible support! I'm wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Here's to an amazing 2018!

  2. Hey I love your drawings and I just started YouTube a little bit ago and I’m doing my channel around arts and crafts. Would you mind checking out one of my drawing and giving me some tips?

  3. You are an incredible artist! Thank you for the awesome videos, and, suggestion, I think you should totally do a glass/semi-translucent dragon. I think that would look really cool with your skill, and personal flare.

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