Easter Eggs and Pop Culture in Ben 10 | Tracing the Border #6

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Just to clarify, I focus on Omniverse in this video as that series was basically built around references and parodies, so I did not cover references that originated from the previous three shows, like Professor Paradox and Will Harangue. Patelliday is an exception because he was expanded upon exponentially in Omniverse, so I count him as an Omniverse character. If you’d like to see me cover references from the previous three series, let me know!

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50 Replies to “Easter Eggs and Pop Culture in Ben 10 | Tracing the Border #6”

  1. You missed the biggest pardoy/easter egg. Ditto is voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also voices Yakko Warner of The Animaniacs. Most likely Ditto is meant to be a parody of the Animaniacs as they share similar designs, have a ton of cartoon references and the duplicates work off of each other much like Yakko, Wacko and Dot.

  2. I know you probably know this but Waybigs species Tokustars are a reference to the Tokusatsu franchise in Asia. Waybig is also a reference to the Ultraman series.

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