Drawing a lot has…side effects.
Bizarre magical side effects.

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  1. I remember a time when a really tough kid in my class and I had to lift up a piano and move it. He opulent lift it up one but without my help, but thought he was the one applying all the strength as I kept it to a even height. When he tried to straighten it out he couldn't lift it. I said "let me try". He laughed but said "Sure, not like your wimpy arms can lift it anyways". I walked over and lifted it with ease. The look on his face was hilarious. (Btw I draw a lot:>).

  2. Fact: a woman who was considered the most beautiful woman in Mexico was actually a very famous artist! Side note: if you thought unibrows are ugly, she had one and was still considered very beautiful.

  3. That first one is something I checked just now, and noticed… my right arm is a bit muscley…

    The second one is something I'm working with, I'm not exactly Doctor Strange Pre-Accident, but I can play Jenga like a boss…

    The third one… WOAH…

    Fourth… um, not really, wait, oh, OH, FRIDA KAHLO!!!

    Oi, I actually have a few of these, some more than others… hehe…

  4. People who read a lot of books have a similar set of super powers. For instance you would probably be a good waitress because carrying large stacks of books has made you good at balancing things. :p

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