How Timbaland Revolutionized R&B + Hip-Hop and then Reinvented Himself After Addiction | Blueprint

A master of rhythm and melody, Timbaland always knew he had a gift when it came to music. He’d put it to good use in producing a number of groundbreaking works for the likes of Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. But with fame came delusion and addiction, which trumped his extreme talent. Now, sober and revitalized, Timb has fallen in love with the art form again and set his sights on a new goal: create a classic that will mark the next chapter in his career, just as Quincy Jones did with Thriller.

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33 Replies to “How Timbaland Revolutionized R&B + Hip-Hop and then Reinvented Himself After Addiction | Blueprint”

  1. Dope interview fellas, always been a Timbaland fan from day one! It's ironic I ran across this video while reading Timbaland's book/memoir. Everything is connected, glad you're in a better place Timbaland & look forward to hearing what comes next. Peace!

  2. Dear Noah: Keep bringing it. Great stuff man. I have been hooked since the 1st episode. I used to think that these type of interviews with successful people would reveal these wild secrets or formulas, but the biggest theme I have heard is working really hard on your craft and stay focused. Working really hard works. These kind of interviews help demystify success and reaching these levels of wealth. Thanks Noah.

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