Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Ultra Violet, Andy Warhol Pics

“Warholesque” Images:
A bunch of Pictures of The Factory People I favor. Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Susan Bottomly a.k.a International Velvet, Ultra Violet, Viva, Candy Darling,”Baby” Jane Holzer, Ivy Nicolson, Marry Waronov, The Velvet Underground, and of course Andy Warhol.Ingrid “Superstar” in there next to Edie but I just used her cause “Her Face is a Mess”. That’s Bebbe Hanson & Pat Hartley next to Edie. Mick Jagger is in a couple pics too. All too David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel”.


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  1. SallytheSeaHorse: I believe I read the same interview with Twiggy regarding Edie. Edie mentioned later that Twiggy was wearing an outfit similar to one she wore…two years earlier. Twiggy was pretty, but I think Edie was more attractive and definitely more innovative in her style. Such a loss so died so young.

  2. Just curious…whatever happened to Paul America?? Is he still alive? This is the best video tribute to the "Factory" yet! Thank you so much! The song by Bowie is an excellent choice as well, if ever there were rebels, the women and men in this presentation , are it . The very epitome of the Rebel ~~~

  3. Is Andy flipping off the camera at the beginning :05? LOL! Fantastic job with the video & song, I absolutely love it & I think you captured the spirit of the Factory somehow! Obviously I wasn't there, but it seems like you captured the real Factory! Hands down best vid!

  4. Hey, great video! Great pics, and great choice of song too! You must have some serious archive! I've met some of the people in the photos but never seen all these photos! Thanks for the post

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