29 Replies to “Fifteen Minutes – Candy Darling and Andy Warhol – part 1”

  1. I used to see him that way as well. But after viewing the documentary "American Masters, Andy Warhol" I have started to see Warhol very differently. During the 1960's Warhol had his finger on the pulse of American psyche and this was reflected in his paiting. He was a conceptual artist. He was a mirror to moderen culture. But after, he was shot, he changed and become much more reserved. His artwork lost its edge…..

  2. @Dltn97 Because some people talks about his technique as is if it amazing. but when talking technique there's lot of people who are better, but that dosen't matter because that is not what A.W. is about.

  3. I think whoever made this doc was a little confused or didn't know much about Candy Darling..Using all of Jeremiah's childhood pictures while "Candy Says" is playing, as if they are childhood photos of Candy. And then in part two when "Walk on the Wild Side" is played, they used the verse "Holly came from Miami FLA" instead of "Candy came from out on the island".

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