THE PARTY – The Andy Warhol version

THE PARTY is a song from the Rössel-Cleveman album “Prayer of Love” released in 2005.

It was removed by youtube a couple of days ago because it was “inapropriate according to community guidelines”.
No other explanation was offered after two years of free use for this commercial site that builds upon free use of video content provided by millions of users. It had a 5 star rating, lots of views and fantastic comments.

What I gather is that a one second view of a female breast at the end of the video, a part of the Andy Warhol documentary material it´s partly based on, had rendered the deletion of the video.

Someone who didn´t like me, or had a religious, moral or other disliking of this completely unpornographic display of a human body,
probaby complained to youtube, and they took the video away because
of this.

Consider for a moment that youtube has no problem showing horrific violence in the shape of real fights, war atrocities or accidents, but that this seconds display of a female breast that was not even pornographic made them do this.

I ask you what kind of moral this is, is this american moral ?
Right wing christian moral ?
Muslim or jewish moral ?

Or is it honestly moral at all ?

The video is now censored by me and shows no female breast,
I´ve done this because it seems people love the song and I
want it to be available here.

But the question about where this place is heading rings,
more important maybe is where youtube is heading in a commercial
perspective, getting to be more and more controlled by
economic interests.

For the old version go to:


20 Replies to “THE PARTY – The Andy Warhol version”

  1. @MegaPatrick67 If you like Edie, watch "E D I E" it is the BEST video of Edie, it is excerpts from Ciao! Manhattan, Beauty #2, Poor Little Rich Girl, etx & if you find Edie enchanting, this is like "the best of" it is enchanting 🙂

  2. Thanks, the silly thing is that the difference is minimal, 1 second is out at the end, that´s all. And in fact the video quality is even better on this one with high quality option because it´s a much later upload…

  3. i bet the whole world has become better, now you've censored those scenes. morality and peace have spread all over.
    thank you not only for the great upload but for your words & comments at the info window as well

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