Vinyl by Andy Warhol – by Film&Clips

Vinyl by Andy Warhol – by Film&Clips

Vinyl is a 1965 American black-and-white experimental film directed by Andy Warhol at The Factory. It is an early adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange, starring Gerard Malanga, Edie Sedgwick, Ondine, and Tosh Carillo


Girato nella Factory in un giorno del marzo (secondo altre fonti a fine aprile-inizio maggio) 1965. Liberamente ispirato a brani di A Clockwork Orange di Anthony Burgess (1962)
Restaurato e rimasterizzato digitalmente con la supervisione della Andy Warhol Foundation e di Adriano Aprà.


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  1. Wow, best. version. of. clockwork orange.ever! NOT! lol, the most interesting thing about this probably is the use of contemporary music being played in real time, which was unusual among movies at the time. Kenneth Anger also did this. This kind of thing would later inspire Martin Scorsese and many others after. You have to admit, the music's good.

  2. Warhol's films are on a par with the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, just glorified home movies. And at least Magical Mystery Tour had some decent original music and was in color. If it wasn't for Edie being in them I doubt anyone would care about these films today. They have no artistic merit what-so-ever.

  3. Anyone could have made this stuff that Warhol did if they had the technology at the time. If anything he just did some things first. I don't find his work that impressive, but a lot of people just love him. I guess on the other hand, he exposed a side of the world that hadn't been seen before so maybe it's better than I thought.

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