ASMR Page Turning & Gum Chewing ~Street Art Edition~

Helloooo! 😀 The video only went black for 1 minute and 20 or so seconds at the end of the video, yayy! PROGRESS. :0) Anyways, hope you enjoy! Wish I was a bit more articulate when it coems to my views and knowledge, but oh well. I do very much recommend watching Exit Through the Giftshop. There’s some hot debates surrounding the message, whether it’s a trick, real, etc. Hope you enjoyed the video! And hopefully my gum chewing wasn’t too obnoxious!

SHOUT OUT TO MAH FRIENDS THAT COME FROM MY ASMR CHANNEL AND SAY HELLO WHEN IM STREAMING ON TWITCH! I’m pretty different (loud and annoying) when I play games, so I apologize for those that don’t like that side of me. The fun-loving, silly and sarcastic girl is just as much as me as my calm, caring side that just wants to help you relax 🙂 Love to you all!


46 Replies to “ASMR Page Turning & Gum Chewing ~Street Art Edition~”

  1. Hello, not sure if you read comments from older vids, but you need to know this. This is the best ASMR video I have ever seen. Please, please, please consider making more like this. I loved learning about street art, and your charisma made it so serene and pleasant. I'm not afraid to beg…

  2. Haha it's not "gang member names" it's just street artist names but I totally understand if you don't like it. Personally I think graffiti tags and "words" is the oldest and most beautiful form of art there is dating back to when people would write on cave walls. Great video as always though lol

  3. OMG, BIG LEAGUE CHEW!!! I'm surprised my teeth didn't rot out because I used to chew so much of it as a kid before, during, and after my Little League games. I probably haven't had any in like 12-15 years and it's so awesome that you made a video with it.

  4. Holy tomato sauce 😱😱so many tingles people where are the likes give her a lot subscribe what are you doing looking at the button press it already I'm only a min in and I'm already in tingle world

  5. I have enjoyed street art so much since I was a kid, the messages they have inside are very interesting! Unfortunately the city where I live has pretty much only tags and not really street art 😛 Thanks for the video, one of your best imo!

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