How to Draw Cartoon Characters Step by Step

First of all, I can not emphasize adequately the benefit of becoming proficient in how to draw cartoon characters step by step under the guidance of a pro. Investing in your schooling need not be costly and unattainable. Nonetheless, to promptly stand out from the crowd requires learning from the best.

It’s so vital in the early stages of learning, to concentrate on exact technique rather than gradually developing a bogus work habit. Therefore, learn how to draw cartoon characters step by step from a credible source and fast-track your leaning in curve in order to make the most from your investment sooner.

Don’t get me wrong… you can spend many a happy hour drawing for the enjoyment of it. However, it can become somewhat old if you’re only making a gradual improvement or little at all! Just about anybody can draw cartoon characters and caricatures, but only those that have invested the time and right training will rise beyond the masses and indeed impress.

So anyway, let’s get started with the following steps:

Step 1: Observation

Careful investigation of your topic is a crucial discipline. Your early sketches ought to be lose – cartoon characters can be developed with primitive shapes, where the progression of a caricature needs to be representative of your subject. The best caricature is one that is fully representational of your subject and indeed the most difficult to perfect. As you can imagine, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of your subjects every feature. Common features are clearly a necessary study such as eyes, ears, noses, mouths and what have you. Do they have big hair or any at all? What shape is their head… round, pair shaped, pointy etc. Search out certain features and qualities that will create interest in the rendering of your theme.

Step 2: Exaggeration (yet simplicity)

Amplify the noticeable with boldness, which is most notably the case when drawing caricature. A caricature is characteristically funny and most memorable when depicted in an exaggerated form. The variation with cartoon characters is only in their simplicity. South Park characters are the ideal example of large as life, while being extremely basic in composition.

Step 3: Stroke Heaviness

Stroke mass is absolutely more focused toward illustrating caricatures, whereas still appropriate to cartoon characters in the sense that you will use a heavier weighted line to magnify certain points and features. Shading using an assortment of approaches such as cross-hatch and similar techniques, will give your illustration a sense of depth and will in the end ‘make or break’ your labors.

Final Step: Celebrate your successes and continue in your learning

Take my advice and get pleasure from all your development – no matter how small. Most of all, your creativity will wither when you stop enjoying what you are doing. If this turns into your experience, then stop what you are doing and get some fresh air, exercise or what ever you do to revive yourself.

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