Detroit Graffiti Street Art Summer 2016

Detroit graffiti shot in the Summer of 2016. Just a small collection of the vast amount of graffiti painted in the city. Featuring graffiti from Miss Van, aires, Gasm, Kias, Purge, Elmer, Droid, Repht, Cash4, Armee, Grim, Frost, Loaf, Nark, Soil, Tead, Malt, Fel3000ft, Dead Krak Head, Gray, Poad, Feis, Obey, Reyes, Kuma, Atomik, Amanda Wong, Sekt, Congo, 2Lovers, Swan, Drama, Tenfold, Aufr, Purge, Skip, Oliver, Iges, Acer, Geist, Elmer, Oh Damn, Mince, 2Buck, Afrika, Monster, Trap, UFO, Reverend, Http, Phybr, Solo, Germ, Plot, Blink, Erekt, Paid, Amo, Thor, Stori, Rasp, and many other graffiti artists. Feel free to add any missed names in the comments below.

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