Talent Networks Help Agents and Agencies Find Fresh New Talent

Finding new talent is a challenge that all talent seekers face. The conventional method involved placing advertisements, sending replies to emails, hiring space for auditions, conducting them and selecting the right talent. It could happen that people don’t even turn up to audition. The result? A lot of time and money spent on processes that may not offer a tangible and positive outcome. However, all this has changed with the birth of innovative talent networks that help agents and agencies find fresh new talent – easily, quickly and affordably!

Using an Interactive Online Talent Management Portal to Find New Talent

Novel interactive talent portals use the power of social networking for the talent industry. Agents and agencies that are looking for different types of talent – actors, singers, voice talent, songwriters, comedians, dancers, gymnasts, models, musicians, circus artistes, fashion designers, party entertainers, and more – can connect to the skill they want through these networks.

Both talent and agents can sign up with a talent management network. These networks offer new adult talent unique promotional tools. Once registered, fresh talent can create and upload an electronic portfolio with photographs, audios and videos. They can also rehearse and record demos to save in their portfolio. Member agents and agencies can inspect the portfolios, conduct contests and auditions, and connect with impressive new talent.

An interactive talent platform allows agents to:

• Find new talent by searching for talent by category, a specific criteria and/or location

• Create a company profile with promotional photos, audios and videos

• Inspect all uploaded talent portfolios

• Post and schedule auditions and competitions

• View audio entries

• Conduct live auditions

• Open / close auditions

• Manage audition score cards, call back and final listing

• Conduct video conferences for live auditions

• Connect with and exchange information with other agents

Agents can also have prospective clients follow them on popular social networks. Talent agencies can also market their company on these networks by posting contests. Contestants would share their entries across social networks, thereby offering agencies global exposure for their products and services.

Connect with Fresh Talent Anywhere in the World

Talent networks help agents and agencies find fresh new talent anywhere in the world easily and affordably. Agents can also share auditions with final decision makers such as casting directors, advertising agencies, production companies, photographers, club owners, party planners, agents, production companies, record companies and more. And all this can be accomplished from the comfort of a home or office!

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