Australian Blues Artists

The Blues is basically a vehicle of self-expression, so it’s not surprising that this style of music has found its way “Down Under.” Drawing from a wide cultural background, Aussies have a down-to-earth attitude with a story to tell which means the Blues a great way to get a story told and shared with an audience. The infectious quality of the music and the raw and genuine expression with which it is delivered makes the Blues universal. Australian Blues Artists over the years have been influenced by a wide range of styles within the Blues genre and today we see artists approaching the Blues in many varied and interesting ways.

Currently there a number of fine exponents of the Blues in Australia that captures the diversity of this genre. Below is just the tip of the iceberg that goes much deeper than can be shown here:

Andy Cowan:

A talented singer/songwriter/pianist, his performances provide an emotional roller-coaster ride that takes the listener through a soulful journey and leaves you feeling exhilarated afterwards.


At home in an acoustic setting or amped up this powerful 3-piece is a good example of how outside influences have helped shape Australian Blues Artists.

Collard Greens & Gravy:

A unique and alluring 3-piece drawing on influences of the Mississippi Delta and creating their own style Down Under.

Dave Hole:

Soaring vocals with slide playing to match he has created a sound all of his own stemming from a grounding in early Blues music.

Geoff Achison:

A stand-out of the Blues-funk exponent, his technique on guitar coupled with a gritty yet soulful voice makes his approach very listenable.

John Butler Trio:

This act has successfully incorporated influences from outside the Blues genre and then created a sound all of their own and brought it to a mainstream audience.

The birth of the Blues has seen artists all over the world been influenced by its very down-to-earth and real approach. Australia is just one of the many countries that have been lucky enough to have drawn its influences from this style of music and continues to be influenced in a way that has allowed artists to express themselves, now and into the future.

Long live the Blues.

Source by Mason Frederick Clarke

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