Charles Bell 查爾斯·貝爾 A (1935-1995) Photorealism American
Charles Bell (1935–1995) was an American Photorealist who created large scale still lifes.
According to a Guggeheim Foundation biography, Bell never received any formal training in his art. He claimed inspiration from Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud. He also worked in the San Francisco studio of Donald Timothy Flores, where painted mostly small-scale landscapes and still lifes. He was given the Society of Western Artists Award in 1968. After moving to New York, Bell created his paintings by photographing a subject in still life.
With a subject matter primarily of vintage toys, pinball machines, gumball machines, and dolls and action figures (the latter frequently arranged in classical poses), Bell sought to bring pictorial majesty and wonder to the mundane. Bell’s work, created in his New York loft studio on West Broadway, is noted not only for the glass-like surface of his works, done largely in oil, but also for their significant scale. In 1995 he was included in the exhibition ‘American Masters’, curated by Michael McKenzie (artist) for the Museu d’Arte Moderne in São Paulo, along with Robert Indiana and Andy Warhol, two artists Bell admired. For the exhibit, Bell created a silkscreen print titled "The Viking" largely regarded as a masterpiece of the medium which required 51 plates, 11 proofings and 10 months to produce.
Bell was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he graduated from Will Rogers High School in 1953. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1957, then served for two years in the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant. Bell lived in the San Francisco Bay Area after leaving the navy, and began his artistic activity in San Francisco. He moved to New York City in 1967 and set up his own studio. Bell worked as an accountant and served as comptroller of the International Nickel Corporation until 1980. Thereafter, he was a full-time artist. He had exhibited his works as early as 1969 at the gallery owned by Louis K. Meisel.
Bell died in Manhattan, New York of lymphoma on April 1, 1995, at age 60. He had AIDS at the time of his death. His partner of 22 years, interior decorator Willard Ching, had died of an AIDS-related illness three years earlier, in 1992. They are buried alongside each other at Diamond Head Memorial Park, Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, U.S.
After Bell’s death, Louis K. Meisel of the Louis K. Meisel Gallery became the owner of all intellectual property rights to the body of art created by Charles Bell.
Bell’s works are housed in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, and the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan, among others.
According to art critic and historian, Henry Geldzaler, Bell’s best works were in the pinball series. The New York Times quoted Geldzaler as saying, "…the artist’s greatest achievement — visually, technically and technologically."
查爾斯·貝爾(Charles Bell)(1935-1995)是一位美國的真實家,創造了大量的靜物。
根據古蓋希基金會的傳記,貝爾從未接受任何正式的藝術培訓。他從Richard Diebenkorn和Wayne Thiebaud中獲得靈感。他還曾在舊金山的唐納德·蒂莫西·弗洛雷斯(Donald Timothy Flores)的工作室工作,那裡主要是小型景觀和靜物畫。 1968年,他獲得了西方藝術家協會獎。在搬到紐約後,貝爾通過拍攝靜物拍攝的作品,創造了他的作品.
以主題為主題的複古玩具,彈球機,手搖機,娃娃和動作人物(後者經常按古典姿勢排列),貝爾試圖帶來圖畫​​威嚴和奇蹟。貝爾在紐約的百老匯高爾夫球場上創作的作品,不僅僅是作品的玻璃般的表面,主要是在油畫中,而且也是它們的重要尺度。 1995年,他被包括在聖保羅Museu d’Arte Moderne的邁克爾·麥肯齊(Michael McKenzie)(藝術家)和羅伯特·印第安納(Robert Indiana)和安迪·沃霍爾(Andy Warhol)兩位藝術家貝爾讚賞的展覽“美國大師”中。對於展覽,貝爾創造了一個名為“維京人”的絲網印刷品,主要被視為介質的傑作,需要51張印版,11張打樣和10個月的製作。
貝爾在俄克拉荷馬州塔爾薩出生長大,於1953年畢業於威爾·羅傑斯高中,1957年從俄克拉何馬州大學獲得工商管理學學士學位,後來在美國海軍擔任中尉兩年。 貝爾在離開海軍後住在舊金山灣區,並在舊金山開始藝術活動。他於1967年搬到紐約市,並建立了自己的工作室。 貝爾擔任會計師,並擔任國際鎳業公司的總裁直到1980年。此後,他是全職藝術家。他早在1969年在路易斯·梅塞爾(Louis K. Meisel)擁有的畫廊上展出了他的作品。
貝爾死於1995年4月1日在紐約曼哈頓紐約曼哈頓,60歲。他死亡時患有艾滋病。 他在二十二年的合夥人,內部裝修師Willard Ching,三年前在一九九二年因艾滋病相關疾病而死亡。 他們在美國夏威夷檀香山檀香山鑽石頭紀念公園相互埋葬
貝爾逝世後,路易·梅西爾畫廊的路易·梅西爾(Louis K. Meisel Gallery)成為了所有知識產權的擁有者,由Charles Bell創造的藝術品。
據藝術評論家和歷史學家亨利·蓋澤薩爾(Henry Geldzaler)說,貝爾最好的作品是彈珠系列。 “紐約時報”引用Geldzaler的話說:“藝術家的最大成就 – 在視覺,技術和技術上。”


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