Pop Art Circles (Amy Tangerine DT, American Crafts, Sunshine & Good Times, Scrapbooking)

Fun and whimsical scrapbook design inspired by pop art and using the brand new Sunshine & Good Times collection by American Crafts and Amy Tangerine!

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Beginning Eras of Anime (Japanese Animation)

Anime, or Japanese Animation, had its start in the beginning of the 20th century. Anime is Japan’s competitor against the high-budget Hollywood in America; Anime allowed Japan to create films under tight budgets and without location restrictions.

First Era of Anime

Recently discovered in 2005, the earliest known Anime was created around 1917; it consisted of 50 frames sketched onto a strip of celluloid. The clip is about 3 seconds in length and depicts a young boy donning a sailor suit writing the kanji for moving pictures (katsudou shashin) on a board. He then turns toward the viewer, removes his hat and salutes. It is unknown who created the clip.

This is one of the few complete clips that have survived from this period of animation. One of the reasons for the demise of most clips was due to these reels being sold to smaller cinemas – after they had their run – and being disassembled to be sold as strips or frames.

One of the pioneers of early animation was Kitayama Seitaro; he used a chalkboard method technique and eventually moved onto paper animation, sometimes using pre-printed backgrounds. Kitayama Seitaro went on to start his own animation studio called Kitayama Eiga Seisakujo which eventually closed down due to lack of financial success.

Second Era of Anime

Kitayama Seitaro had several influential students while his film studio was still in operation. Ofuji Noboro, Yamamoto Sanae, Kimura Hakuzan and Murato Yosuji were his most influential students during the late 1910’s and early 1920’s. The Great Kantou earthquake in 1923 destroyed most of Seitaro’s studio. With Seitaro’s studio destroyed and knowing how lucrative animation production can be, the students spread throughout Japan and founded their own studios.

During this era, the Monbusho (Ministry of Education) began supporting and encouraging films that contained educational value. This created a high demand for animation films and created a lasting place in academic, political and business use.

The War Era of Anime

When the Japanese government began enforcing its policy of strict nationalism in the 1930’s, strict control and censorship of all published media began to shape the Anime landscape. Animators were pushed to create films which promulgated the Japanese spirit and national affiliation. The films were shown in News-Cinemas and as News-Cinemas boomed, so did these Anime films.

Disney played an important role in molding the Anime of the era. Due to the lack of financial backing of animation studios, Japanese animators fell short of producing the same quality as Disney and were often pale in comparison.

Also at this time many of the smaller studios closed or were merged with larger studios – by the end of this period only 3 large studios remained. The merging of production companies allowed for bigger projects, which gave Anime a leg of its own to stand on.

Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors is the first notable animation of length made in Japan. After the war, the rapid economic success of Japan allowed Japan to emerge as a world leader in animation.

Making Your Room Appear Larger

If you have a small room in your home you know that it can be difficult to decorate. It is just hard to get over the small size. If you are having this problem you should read this article which will give you some quick tips to help you make that small room look much larger.

The first tip and the most common way to make a room look bigger than it is is to paint the walls a light color. Lighter walls reflect more light and give the allusion of a much larger space. Dark colors on the other hand absorb light and thus make the room look smaller than it is. So use dark colors sparingly if you must use them at all and use light colors everywhere else including the furniture. Another way to make a small room seem larger is to play around with furniture placement. Try to not block walkways to make it seem like there is more open space. Try to also put some of your larger pieces at an angle in corners. This will open up some wall space and make the room seem bigger. Play around and see what works the best for your particular room. The last tip is to use more reflective objects in your room. These will reflect more light and make the room seem larger. No you do not have to create a mirrored wall but you could add a framed mirror to one wall. This will work wonders on making the room seem much bigger.

I hope you have learned something from this article. Just because a room is small does not mean that there is nothing you can do for it. Try out some of these tips and experiment a little bit and you will come up with a solution that works for you and your room. Good luck and have fun decorating.

Judas Priest – Rock Forever (Live at Mudd Club, New York, NY Mar. 11, 1979) [Audio]

Rock Forever by Judas Priest live at Mudd Club, New York, NY on March 11, 1979, Killing Machine/Hell Bent for Leather Tour from Killing New York bootleg CD. Source and quality: Soundboard, perfect quality. Note: Invite-only gig possibly attended by Andy Warhol among others.

Rob Halford – Vocals
K. K. Downing – Guitar
Glenn Tipton – Guitar
Ian Hill – Bass
Les Binks – Drums


Jewish Gifts at Eichler’s

Eichlers.com is the preimer juadica shop of the web. We have everything from kipas to menorhas and Jewish art. Visit us next time you need Jewish gift.

– created at http://animoto.com


The Life of the Party

Apart from being a classical and timeless instrument for entertainment, playing the piano has many benefits. Firstly, it has been proven to be good for your health. Health is very important in an individual’s life and music can be the medicine for the mind and soul. Although your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to survive and function optimally, it also needs vitamins for the mind. Music is certainly one of the best things for the mind. Especially, playing a musical instrument would be beneficial for your body and for the mind. As both adults and children need to be healthy, it is great for both health reasons and an interesting form of entertainment for the whole family.

Additionally, the piano is also a great social motivator. As dinner parties have become more and more popular and although talking to guests is interesting, a form of entertainment like the piano makes it more interesting. There is nothing that brings people together like a group of friends sitting around the piano on a Friday night playing a Jazz tune or classical tune. What a great way to enjoy an evening with friends and create any tune you like.

Another great advantage of the piano is its versatility and ability to play all types of tunes on the keyboard. Other instruments – like the guitar or clarinet – can only have one type of sound, but the piano can achieve the high and low notes very easily. One minute it can play classical, then rock ‘n ‘ roll, then Jazz. It can also fit in with other instruments so well.

What a fascinating instrument that people of all ages can play.

Most importantly, it is one of the instruments that could be considered timeless and has stood the test of time. In the Medieval times, it was played to Kings and Queens, in this age it is played to the ordinary man. It could be played in a five-star hotel or in a small cafe or Jazz bar in any century.

Overall, the piano could be considered one of the kings of instruments, as it has so many advantages and benefits over many others. Whilst being challenging to learn, simple tunes can be quite easy and may not take so much time to learn. It also has incredible health benefits like most musical instruments and continues to be a strong social motivator that brings people together in any century.

Source by Zarine Narielvala

Taking Pictures of Flowers

Taking pictures of flowers may seem easy but it is a little more complex. Flowers can seem to be that subject in photography where anybody can take good pictures of simply because of how the flowers look.

First off, there are many different types of flowers around. Some are really easy to be taken pictures of and can result in really fantastic images. Other flowers can be very difficult to get good pictures of. And there are even some flowers that are really looking un photo worthy but result in great shots.

There are some different ways you can take pictures of these flowers. Close up shots of them can work very great since these shots will give you very fine details of the object. Generally the smaller the flower the closer you should get. You’ll see details that you probably didn’t even know were there. Some other types of flower are better when shot from a little bit of distance. Very recognizable flowers are good to shoot from a little distance since many people already know how they look.

When picking what type of flower that you want to take pictures of you should always go for the ones that you like the best. This will be a great start.

Do not treat all of these objects like the same. Some flowers are better photographed one way and some are better shot another. All of these species are very different having different size, colors, shapes, etc. Take your picture taking these traits into account. You will find from taking shots of flowers that some look better taken one way and some a different way.

When taking shots of your flower be sure to have your photo be not complicated. A simple shot can look very good. For example, rather than take a picture with five flowers in it isolate one single flower. It’ll most likely look much better.

A good way to make your pictures better is to pay close attention to the flowers shape and color. Try to compose your flower before taking the picture. When taking shots of flowers be creative.

4 Tips on How to Scream Better

Here are a few tips that hardcore and metal vocalists can take with them when considering how to scream better. As much as tons of kids think that there’s a “magical secret” that hones your voice into a metal monster from hell, that’s simply not the case unfortunately. It takes a little dedication, hard-work, and time (yep, you won’t be able to pick fights with Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying just yet)

1. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.

Sure you can wail like a hellion, but you can’t talk for the next few hours. That’s not the correct way to attempt how to scream better. If things start to hurt, that should motivate you to try new things. Learn to picture your voice coming out of your nose rather than your throat. Honestly, this change of visualization has effects on how your throat will create sounds.

2. Support your screams with lots of air.

Now, when I say this, don’t try to suck the crowd surfers’ shoes off with a giant gulp of air, thinking that you’re going to let it out like a metal lord. Bring the air in, expanding your stomach and keeping your shoulders perfectly still! You’ll only negate your air flow using your shoulders. Don’t let all the air out at once either. Use your gut like a little reserve tank. This tip is overlooked sometimes when considering how to scream better.

3. Practice on your own.

This rule goes with everything else in life. Practice makes perfect. Yea, I’m using a cliché only because it’s true when learning how to scream. You can’t expect to make a progression in your voice if you only scream twice a week at band practice. When you’re driving to school or the mall, slip in a cd of your favorite metal or screamo band and practice. You’ll see the improvements soon enough. Plus, it’s fun to see the reactions from other cars.

4. Wear earplugs.

Now, I LIVE by this rule. Lots of screamers will argue, “I can’t get into the music” or “I can’t hear anything.” Those are just excuses. Have you ever worn earplugs and talked to someone? You might have noticed that there’s a great deal of reverberation inside of your own head. This is HIGHLY beneficial to you because it will let you know just how much rasp and effort you can give without straining your voice. Think about the time when the venue you played had monitors that didn’t let you hear anything. Now you can hear yourself just fine.

These are just a few tips that a lot of the most idolized screamers take to heart. As much as it sucks, learning how to scream better isn’t quick. It can take weeks or maybe even months, but don’t give up! There’s a demon inside all of us.

Ghost World

Cast: Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Illeana Douglas, Brad Renfro

Directed by: Terry Zwigoff

An old guy in a threadbare suit is always found sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus, which never comes.

The staunchly outsider protagonists of this poignant and wryly funny existential comedy are waiting for a bus…to take them to a world they can connect with.

Based on a comic-novel by Dan Clowes, the movie brings to life the freakishly intelligent, cynical and articulate character of Enid (Thora Birch playing one of the most memorable characters ever created). She has recently graduated from high school and she has no plans of doing anything even remotely aligned with socially accepted norms. She is, by choice, what most people would call a loser.

Enid is forced to take a make-up summer art course. The overly earnest, ex-hippie teacher, in her quest for higher meaning, has lost her ability to appreciate art for its own sake. She sees a student’s father in his rendering of a violent video game character and finds a ‘tampon in a teacup’ an exceptional expression of ‘repressed femininity’.

Enid sees the people around her fitting in effortlessly, going ahead with their lives (‘majoring in business management with a minor in communications’), being happy with ‘a Big Mac and a pair of Nikes’. But Enid sees all too acutely the shallowness and mediocrity of the homogenized listless culture around her. And she cannot find a place for herself in it.

Her best friend, the pretty but smart Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) is Enid’s only soulmate at the outset. But Enid is slowly losing Rebecca to the drab, routine adult life of day jobs and apartment hunting.

Then Enid meets Seymour (Steve Buscemi) on one of her exploration trips of ‘authentic’ 50s style retro restaurants, backyard sales and video rental stores. Seymour leads an hermetically sealed, resigned existence, surrounded by his collection of 1500 seventy-eight mm ragtime and blues records (he has pared it down to the essentials).

Unknowingly, Enid and Rebecca play a cruel joke on Seymour by responding to a personals ad placed by him. But subsequently, Enid recognizes a kindred soul in him. She finds him such a ‘clueless dork’ that he’s almost cool. Their relationship is based on brutally affectionate companionship and their shared unapologetic acceptance of their outsider status in society. The difference is, Enid is brazen while Seymour is reticent to the point of being invisible.

Enid tells Seymour that she could find a girlfriend for him, who shares his interests. Seymour replies, “Maybe I don’t want to meet someone who shares my interests. I hate my interests.” He knows that he is seen as one of those ‘pathetic collector losers’, trying to fill up the void in his life with stuff. Seymour harbors no illusions, big or small, as to his utility to the world or his chances of getting a date with a gorgeous brunette in a cafe.

At some level, all of us feel trapped by life’s conventions but find ourselves to be helpless. These people have rejected society and accepted their emotional solitude in the bargain.

There are no easy resolutions but Enid and Seymour do find out ways to carry on. ‘Ghost World’ observes and attempts to comprehend the internal realm in which these characters live. And it does so with a tenderly humane touch.

Source by Priyankar Bhunia