Andy Warhol The Last Decade at The BROOKLYN MUSEUM

James Kalm was given full access to record this walk through of Andy Warhol: The Last Decade, and wishes to thank the Brooklyn Museum of Art for the privilege. It’s been nearly a quarter century since Andy’s death, but his visage within the art world has never been more prominent. As one of the most influential artists of the Twentieth Century, he’s been credited with everything from the founding of Pop Art to social networking to developing self promotion to the highest of art forms. This massive show is loaded with documentary artifacts and presents many never before seen works from Warhol’s late “abstract” series and his collaborative works with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Francisco Clemente. The exhibition was organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum


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  1. I was up in Bangkok about two years ago. There was a small gallery in Soi 33 Sukhumvit. Outside it had a quote on the wall in big letters "Art is anything you can get away with – Andy Wharhole"

    I thought how true. And by god he got away with murder. Judging from what I see here. Amazing

    I was in Amsterdam about thirty years ago. It was about 8 PM and I was enjoying a relaxing beer in a pavement cafe across the road from the Concertgebouw where Lenny Bernstein was conducting a concert. Anyway as I'm sitting down having a beer and this group of men minced over the road from the Concertgebouw and sat down in the bar.

    I suddenly recognised Andy Warhol from the pink dead cat he'd stuck on his head. I instantly formed the opinion that he and his mates were over the top, over acting in your face homosexuals. Personally I thought they were idiots because of their "affected over the top limp wristed behaviour"

    But hey, who was I to judge ?

    Now everyone thinks Wharhole's a genius. Well he was good. Not as an artist, but as a salesman.

    Give me Frank Stella's later works, or Norman Rockwell. Now that's skill, beauty and ART. Jean Biscuit and Mr W, are NOT in the same street.

    Another quote that comes to mind is by Tracey Emin "If I say it's art, then it's art" and using her logic it follows "If I say it's NOT art then it's NOT art" What's wrong with that ?

    Kind regards to all you art lovers, Chris Newton – Artist, Writer & Hypnotist –

  2. Warhol seemed lost after the Seventies,latching on to newer trends by younger artists when he did not even need to,for me it was over after the shadow and Mao paintings,which fitted in well with all those great sixties silkscreens.

  3. Your art history and personal & professional background are most impressive! Can't imagine a NY (or an America) without your reflections and contributions to us all Mr. Kalm! 😉 😉 Thank you!

  4. Thanks for doing these great videos. Seeing the work as objects in space and at angles is truly informing. Only wish you did more close ups too like on the piss paintings final Last Supper. From what I've read he used a bad reproduction found on a post card for the Last Suppers.

    Used to see Andy often when I lived in NYC by Union Square in the 70's & 80's .

  5. Thank you, again. My impression is that he often did the most amazing, insightful justapositioning of ideas and/or media. His fame, however, allowed him to sometimes show pieces that were too self-accepting.

  6. I never saw the Shadow Paintings vis a vis. I love how you captured the texture in them which, from photos, one doesn't see. You did the same with Trudy Benson's work, which photos do not capture. You inspire me to search the net for more information and I found this great page, containing Ronnie Cutrone's account of his work on the Shadow Paintings. Google: Warhol Shadow Paintings. See Cutrone's account of his dialogue with Andy which initiated the work.

  7. As far as the Last Supper series goes, I am sure it also has to do with Warhol being a fervent Catholic. It would be interesting to study the importance of religion in his art…

  8. I've had the catalogue for some months and I am glad you covered the show. It gives another perspective to it. Late Warhols show how important it was to Andy to be considered first and foremost a painter. This show proves how incredibly creative a painter he was (the gallery at2.32). Thanks James

  9. @candeaguilar if you talking about the one in the last gallery with the yellow ground then yeah, it's a huge screen print, though he did do freehand versions and used projected details of the original image which was a tourist postcard he picked up. There are over a hundred different versions.

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