San Marino – The Oldest Republic In The World

Although completely surrounded by Italy, San Marino is an independent and the world’s smallest republic. It can be easily reached by bus from Rimini or you can take the aerial tram from nearby Borgo Maggiore. Don’t worry about visas or entry requirements because border control is practically nonexistent here. However, for novelty’s sake, you can have your passport stamped at the tourist information office for a fee.

San Marino is well worth the visit. There are many attractions once you cross the border. San Marino, the capital city of similarly named republic, is a popular day trip destination from neighboring Italian cities, Rimini in particular. It is strategically located on top of Monte Titano, the highest peak in the country. When you get there, expect to find a horde of tourists and a long line of souvenir stalls flanking its winding cobblestone street. However, do not let this discourage you. This very small republic offers spectacular views, rich historical heritage and impressive architecture which make it a must-visit destination.

The walled city is made for walking. It is small and has many surprises to discover. A lot of historical attractions and the splendid panorama of the picturesque valley of Emilia Romagna and the rolling hills of Montefeltro will keep you company all the way. For the best views in the area, climb the towering Castello della Cesta where you will find not only an interesting small museum of antique armory to explore but also the stunning views of Rimini and the sparkling Adriatic coast.

One of the highlights of San Marino is the three soaring fortresses dominating the skyline of the walled city. The most impressive of these fortresses is La Rocca also known as the First Tower or the Guaita which was built by carving it out of the face of the mountain. It dates back to the 11th century, making it the oldest defensive tower on site. The Cesta, as mentioned earlier, is the highest of the three towers and also home to the San Marino Museum of Antique Weapons.

To learn more about the history of San Marino, explore the vast collection of exhibits in the State Museum or Museo di Stato. The museum displays archaeological artifacts dating from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, works of art by Italian masters, ancient San Marino coins as well as some Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman relics, to name a few. You also want to visit other nearby attractions such as the Palazzo Publico, Basilica del Santo, and the oldest structure located here – the Church of San Francesco.

Witnessing the changing of the guard ceremony at the Guardia di Rocca is also an interesting way to spend your time in San Marino. These guards stand at attention with austere and rigid expressions. This posture is not easy to maintain, which is good for you because you will not have to wait for long – every 30 minutes – to enjoy the ceremony.

Love cars? Then you are in for a treat because the country is also famous for the San Marino Grand Prix. Although this world-renowned event does not actually happen in the city because of its diminutive size, you can always visit the San Marino Car Museum and discover an extraordinary collection of more than 100 vintage racing cars. The beauties it has on display will surely make the day for auto enthusiasts and historians.

These are just some of the attractions you can experience and enjoy in the walled city. For such a small area, San Marino certainly packs a punch for visiting tourists.

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Poses For Portrait Photography – Do This and You Will Get Great Shots Every Time

How do you take portraits which stand out from all the same ol’, same ol’ and will be remembered as really great depictions of the subjects? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself over and over, and I’ve found some answers.

The first thing I found – working on a human level. It’s so easy to get stuck in the techniques and technologies stage of becoming a professional photographer, especially when you’ve got that geeky side in you. I used to think that if I know my camera and all the techniques better than anyone else, I will take outstanding portrait photos.

Turns out, I was wrong. I mean, I could take really good-looking portrait photos and people liked them, but more often than not, I felt I always missed the mark and fell short a little bit. I couldn’t quite capture people in a way that really showed their uniqueness and their personality.

That’s when I decided to learn what I can about how to be a more open communicator. I started greeting my clients warmly, and I now open up conversations immediately. Before the actual shoot, I usually build such a connection that when they go in front of the camera, they are not disturbed by it any more.

I also tell them to really express who they are using only their face. This is a good exercise to give to them. If their face, which is the most important part of a shoot, really is not working well in the frame, tell them to try a different emotion and really make a conscious effort to exaggerate it and show that emotion.

The second part which usually goes wrong is their hands. Give them something to do with their hands, somewhere to put them, something that looks like it has a purpose. That should fix a large part of your photos.

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MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone Review

Simply put, whether you are recording your vocals, or recording your best rendition of Jimi Hendrix, the MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone will be one of the best microphones you ever record on.

It has a FET preamp and transformer balanced output which gives you an open, and vintage sound. I had a singer come into the home recording studio and work the MXL, and her vocals sounded extremely smooth. The double screen, round grill will do that, because it helps deliver an even frequency response.

Let’s take a look at some of the MXL V67G’s main features:

Large 32mm pressure gradient condenser capsule

Gold-sputtered, 6 micron density diaphragm

Solid state preamp balanced transformer output

MXL-57 isolation shock mount available

You will really be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t like the MXL, especially because of how powerful it is. For the price, it blows out a lot of studio microphones out of the water, and rightfully so.

It delivers in quality, and in price. Another pleasant feature is the sturdiness of the actual microphone, due to its large pressure gradient condenser capsule. Having went through a dozen condenser microphones myself, this one is built to last.

For those who are into recording rap songs, the MXL V67G is superb at picking up all the words uttered, because of the preamp balanced transformer output that’s built inside of it. This is a really great feature, and adding a solid pop filter into the mix, should give producers the vocal clarity they need for the mix down. The price of this condenser mic will also impress a lot of people, considering the capabilities it possesses.

Whether you have a home recording studio, or just need a condenser microphone for your online broadcasts, the MXL V67G is a great bang for your buck. It has a large pressure gradient condenser capsule, a preamp balanced transformer, that gives vocals an open and vintage sound. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Until next time, keep on recording!

Elegant Bathroom Designs – Wonderful Tips You Would Want to See

A cursory glance at the stolid environs of your bathroom is enough to tell you that this space is floundering for breath. The landscape resounds with a kind of eerie silence that’s enough to deflate the optimism of just about anybody. So will your long-cherished dream of enriching the space with elegant bathroom designs remain nothing but just a black hole?

Well, before you greet my pronouncements with passive resignation, here’s something to cheer you up. It just takes a few deft strokes to create a mesmerizing work of art that can leave the rich oeuvre of a seasoned artist far behind.

Elegance Is Forever

It is often believed that fashion dies, but style and elegance linger on forever. Well, that’s exactly the frame of mind that is required when you embark on this seemingly onerous task. Creating an uncontaminated spectacle that remains the epitome of refinement and magnetism for years to come must be the singular objective.

Here are stunning new ways to give wings to your dreams:

  • Sinks: It’s time to bid adieu to that old fashioned sink and countertop unit. Instead sink your teeth into something more glamorous, like a double sink with a stunning countertop and statuesque wooden cabinets. A free standing sink is another delightful option.
  • Faucets: If replacing the sink means a sizeable drain on your back account, just replace the faucets and experience instant gratification.
  • Showers and tubs: If free standing soaking tubs promise uninhibited indulgence for every waking moment in life, waterfall style showers and walk-in showers just drench you with happiness.
  • Light: From subtle fixtures to opulent chandeliers, there are innumerable ways to let the radiance shine through.
  • Accessories: Pamper yourself silly with a boatload of luxurious items like fluffy towels, scented candles, aromatic flowers, foot scrubs, bath salts and more. It’s the stuff that fantasies are made of.


JAPETOS (En eksperimental lo-fi novellefilm)

“Japetos er en socialrealistisk fortælling, der forgår i moderne tid baseret på den græske mytologi og Jonas Kr. Nielsens tekster.

Japetos er navnet på en titan fra den græske mytologi. Jepetos udfordrede guderne på Olympen og førte kamp mod Zeus sammen med sine to sønner Prometheus og Menoitios. I kampens hede så Zeus chancen for at afprøve styrken af sin lynkilde, som kykloperne havde skabt til ham. Zeus slyngede sit første lyn mod Japetos’ søn Menoitios og ramte ham. Menoitios faldt direkte til jorden og døde. Han var den første titan til nogensinde at dø på Jorden. Hverken guder eller titaner havde nogensinde konfronteret dødelighed før. Tanken om dødelighed skræmte begge parter, og kampen hørte op. Zeus havde nu vist at han havde magten, og at han kunne dræbe med sit lyn. Zeus beordrede den dystre Japetos fængslet for al evighed dybt nede under Jorden, i Tartaros, hvor han blev ført ned af de hundrede-armede kæmper og bevogtet af tre hundrede øjne. Med sønnens Menoitios’ død, blev den udødelige Japetos anerkendt som forfader til den dødelige menneskehed.

I filmen er Japetos en selvdestruktiv tekstforfatter der kæmper sin egen stille indre kamp mod at tilpasse sig samfundets (Olympen) normer (pesten). Han lever sit helt eget liv i sin helt egen verden og gør så vidt muligt hvad der passer ham. Han ser helst at folk lever deres eget liv og lader være med at blande sig i hans. Han har tabt livsglæden og er efterhånden blevet ligeglad med alting. Et eller andet sted i hans liv er der nok gået noget galt. Hans tanker er poesi, og hans stemme er smerte, der bliver griflet ned på blanke stykker papir.

Stilistisk er filmen meget inspireret af Paul Morrissey og Andy Warhol, særligt i relation til deres meget minimalistiske og trashy måde at lave film på. Filmens struktur er meget inspireret af Jim Jarmuch’s stagnerende fortællende stil.

Filmen blev lavet helt uden manuskript og musikken til Jonas Kr. Nielsens tekster bliver udført af den country-inspirerede danske gruppe “Spildt Mælk.”

Medvirkende: Jonas Kr. Nielsen, Didde Riis Andersen, Christopher Surrige, Martin Gleerup, Nadia Jørgensen, Bjarne Hansen, Mette Kjærgaard Præst, m.fl.

Tekster og poesi af Jonas Kr. Nielsen
Musik af Spildt Mælk
En fortælling af Martin Gleerup og Søren H. Boeskov
Produceret af Søren H. Boeskov og Martin Gleerup
Filmet og instrueret af Søren H. Boeskov

NB! Filmen Japetos havde dansk premiere i Husets Biograf i Magstræde d. 19. december 2013