Surround Panoramic Night Vision is Possible

Modern night vision equipment is state of the art for infantry and Special Forces. After the most recent assault on the International Terrorists and insurgents in Falluja, Iraq the United States Military and the US Trained Iraqi Security Forces put to good use the methods of Urban Combat. Much of the specialized equipment such as the night vision equipment was put to good use in the door-to-door search and destroy mission to round up the bad guys. Navy Seals, Swat Teams, Special Forces all deploy such modern night vision equipment which is used in conjunction with long range binoculars, these units can see thousands of yards in the pitch black of night, they work so well in fact that they are quite addicting. War fighters have been known to keep them on even while in closer quarters where lighting is sufficient without them.

We see the new GPS Night Vision Equipment with all the bells and whistles incredibly useful in the BattleSpace, yet we believe now with the smaller processors and micro sensors that we can in fact improve greatly upon the current designs without adding weight. Actually it seems that now with modern almost off the shelf electronics from AMD and Intel that these night vision goggles, binoculars and specialty equipment could even shave a pound and a half off their current weight. Surround Panoramic Night Vision is Possible and it is also need as per the Air Force Report to the Senate Armed Forces Committee, subcommittee on; “Emerging Threats for Fiscal-Year 2002” see page 11. In aviation you constantly need to check six so you do not get shot out of the sky. Imagine in the Vietnam War if our LRP -Long Range Patrols had surround nigh vision equipment? They could sneak around at night, all night and see everything all around them in better than daytime visibility and further than the Bionic Man.

Currently the most well respected and sought after military night vision equipment have extended fields of vision. Some specially designed units have 210-degree vision. This is absolutely great, however we need 360 vision. This is possible using small antenna like tubes with tiny cameras in the ends. The tubes will bend like the sun glasses pilots wear to fit comfortably over the ears. These tubes will follow the edge of the skull and over the ear then jut out one inch and turn back parallel to the skull again and point directly back on both sides of the soldiers head. These tubes can be incorporated with other equipment such as helmets, goggle straps, earpieces or speaker booms, which are commonly worn for inter team communication. The vision tubes will have static cling surface on the bottom, which will stick to the other hardware worn by the team member.

The projection of the rear view will be displayed above the frontal view similar to the video back up monitors above the center of front windshield of a motor home to assist in backing up. If the night vision is equipped with heat sensors and color change to show such body heat, the rear view will not incorporate this, the rear view to save weight will only be the normal green tint color.

The entire scene both front and rear will be video taped and stored in the goggles and can be saved using a USB port and a downloadable cartridge will be water proof and stored in one of the pockets of the uniform. This video footage will be brought back for training at USMC, DHS, FBI, SWAT, Ranger, Seal facilities. In these new high tech simulators the lights will be turned off, a ten screen surround system including 10 foot ceiling and ceiling screen as well; will play the footage in normal speed with sound. A system similar to the NASA Control Tower Training will be used as a virtual reality environment, like that of the CAVE Project.

This way the trainees will have been to virtual battle hundreds and hundreds of times with thousands hours under their belt before risking life and limb in the theatre. The lives we save in the field will more than pay for the additional training virtual reality simulators. We believe these new systems once integrated will save lives and increase productivity in the arenas of urban warfare, SWAT hostage situations, DEA drug busts, Border Patrols chases, FBI stings, DHS efforts, Coast Guard ship boardings, etc.

We should order 15 such simulators and put them strategically around the country for training, day and night, 24-hour, 7 days a week. It is well worth the money and with the current battles going on now we can we will have plenty of action packed footage for all of these agencies and military needs for training. Once we have a video library of the most dangerous and challenging footage we will be well on our way.

In aviation simulators and NASA Space Shuttle simulators they give you multiple emergencies and the most gruesome combinations of hair raising, gut wrenching, adrenaline engaging issues and they give them to you all at once. It is times like that which try men’s souls. These simulators test to see if the pilots have the right stuff. We need that for all of our teams. By using electronic video from the combat soldiers point of view, urban warfare takes on a whole different view. From these electronic video sessions modifications can be made using the latest motion picture therefore change and manipulate the combat situation into a new reality. Is it real or is it Memorex? Am I in Iran or North Korea or am I in the; Code Name: “Matrix IV” at the USMC base at Camp Pendleton? Look, here it is; Kids playing video games on their computers are becoming quite good at quick thinking, fast acting gaming, this training taken to much higher or ultimate in current technology level will be more than productive. Such a regiment of training is smart, non-linear and reality based. Politicians role play for debates, salesmen envision the sale during the process, athletes use psycho-cybernetics and place themselves in tomorrows race winning, pilots and astronauts use simulators and like the old adage says; practice makes perfect. It pays to practice now before they are firing real bullets.

By adding these technologies and abilities to the night vision equipment in the field and deploying our elite forces with them, we can use those experiences to train our next wave of future fighters.

Source by Lance Winslow

Valentines Are Healing In So Many Ways

As a child it was loads of fun to make Valentines for each member of my class. Valentines are healing in so many ways. I felt the good feeling of making something for someone else.

Looking back on the time, I realize now, Mom was probably just finding projects to keep me and my three sisters busy for a couple of afternoons. We cut and pasted, trimmed and folded. I loved the color pink, so it didn’t surprise anyone when all my valentines had more pink on them and that I kinda’ dominated the pink crayon out of the set of crayons us sisters shared.

Mom was careful to have us take a break with hot chocolate and marshmallows out on the porch so we didn’t muss up our Valentines and, so we wouldn’t get too weary before our mission was accomplished. It was an exciting time of the school year.

Being the youngest of the four, Mom helped my valentines “just a little” so they would be presentable. We lived on a simple budget, so the one package of store bought Valentines purchased had to be shared out between us. Also bought was a box of Valentine candies and we carefully put one candy in each Valentine. I had four store Valentines and twenty-two homemade Valentines when I set out for school the morning of Valentine’s Day.

Of course, my teacher would get a store bought Valentine and I had made the biggest homemade one for her too. Then there was my two best friends, Elaine and Joanna. I had made them a homemade Valentine plus a store Valentine. I had one store Valentine left and I couldn’t think of one more person to give it to. It was so special.

My teacher had set aside the afternoon for exchanging Valentines. It was difficult for us all to think of school work when so much was going to happen that day. All morning I looked around the room to see someone who would get my last special store Valentine. I talked it over with my two friends and they made suggestions too, but the ones they suggested were more their friends and I was a “tag-along.”

Then exchange time came and the energy level of the classroom escalated to a high roar. Notes flying around the room and everyone smiling. I got twenty-four Valentines. Most my Valentines had a candy in them too, so I thought I had a pretty good trade around. Valentines are healing in so many ways and I knew I had many friends.

Through all the excitement, I clear forgot about my last special store Valentine. As I walked from the bus to home, I remembered it. As I rounded the last corner, there was Daddy’s car parked in the driveway. The love swelled inside me and I had such a good idea. I ran into the house, got the crayons and paper out.

I made one more Valentine. A big one with lots of pink on it because I knew Mom liked pink too. That was probably where I got the idea to have it be my color. I wrote “I Love You” on the back of both Valentines. Then I gave the one store Valentine to Daddy and the homemade Valentine to Mom.

They were so surprised and Daddy grabbed me up into his arms and told me he never had such a sweet little “Milly” in his life. I knew I was special. It was the first dawning on my little heart that I was born to my “Best Friends.”

Now I am older, I still remember the good times we had around Valentine’s Day. My friends from first grade I have lost track of, but the memories of the love I felt from my parents will last forever. Valentines are healing in so many ways. Valentine’s Day is one more opportunity to heal a heart by saying the three words, “I Love You.”

Source by Milly Barlow

What Do Adornments Say About You?

The power of first impressions can be very strong. Before someone opens their mouth or even looks you in the eyes, you begin evaluating the exterior signals they’re sending, and you begin forming opinions about them: what they do for a living, what type of person they are, how much money they have.

Right or wrong, it’s true. What you wear on your body, and how you wear it say a lot about you. Sometimes people interpret those signals incorrectly, but wouldn’t you want to know how you’re being perceived, even if it’s not accurate?

Tattoos are a rite of passage for the strong-minded. Tattoos can express very personal feelings about a topic or simply be a way to celebrate something of interest. Their permanency makes the statement seem stronger because there is no easy way to change your mind once made.

Makeup is a way to express our feelings or project a certain mood. The recent “smoky eye” look has been very popular with women and projects an image of allure yet confidence when paired with nude lips. A poorly made up face can suggest the person doesn’t care or is simply uninformed about their faux pas.

Hairstyles say quite a bit about us. Think of the woman you know who still wears mall bangs and has a perm. Do you have confidence that she’s current with trends and topics? I didn’t think so. What about the woman with high hair? It’s easy to think she’s a chatty Cathy or vacuous.

Belly button rings can be a private way to explore hidden interests. Belly button rings can be as demure as a stud or barbell or as enticing as a dangling Playboy Bunny ring. Belly button rings may be an easy low-commitment way to explore your wild side, even if you teach 7th grade English.

Source by Julie S. Montgomery

Consultant Jobs In The United Kingdom

One of the hottest areas in the UK job market today is Consulting. The reason why consultants, whether in the financial or technical field, are so highly in demand right now is that companies are facing the squeeze of increased competition. The Internet, the promotion of small business, and the rising demands on businesses from consumers means that everything from production processes to budgets needs to be assessed. The consultant is, therefore, a key member of any personnel grouping.

Financial consultants help individuals and businesses assess their short and long term financial situation and develop effective ways of managing money. A financial consultant can work with a financial planning company, providing service daily to couples, small businesses, and individuals in need of financial guidance. Consultants can also work with a national or international corporation that requires constant assessment and audits of their financial situation. For both types of professionals, the consultant jobs market in the United Kingdom and Europe is strong.

Technical consultants are perhaps in higher demand these days, considering the massive conversion from traditional methods to new technological ways of doing business. Consultants are needed to help accounting departments upgrade their software without losing client information. They are also needed as advisors to research and development teams, as sounding boards for computer and peripheral products. Indeed, technical consultants are vital to the efficient day-to-day operations of the modern business.

Consultant jobs reap large rewards for those who hold them. Salary levels are varied: ……from approaching thirty thousand pounds upwards. However, base salaries can be substantially supplemented by the many incentives and bonuses that have become customary in financial and technical industries. Also, consultants can count on paid holidays, medical and dental insurance, and other benefits which will keep them committed to the job as long as possible.

With such a vibrant market for consultants, the question is which way to go for the exceptional candidate. Some consultants choose to work on their own, developing client lists and niche markets to work within, thereby developing particular expertise and experience. Other consultants work in temporary positions at a variety of corporations, developing the corporate experience that is so highly valued these days. Finally, there is a group of consultants that looks to the internship or the graduate training program as the best option. There are virtues to all of these options, but one thing is clear: it is a consultant’s job market.

Source by Stephen Trigg

Online Mobile Phone Shopping

In this fast moving world, where no one has time to ask about the life even to self but daily needs never accept any excuses. Now technology has come forward to help each and every needy one and technological stiffness are proving that this is era of science and technology. Online shopping is one of the finest examples which have made it easy. Now whole world is just beneath your finger touch. Just use your fingers, click the key and get whatever you want at your doorstep.

Mobile phone is one of the major necessities of the modern public. Market has realized it and hence various options with lucrative offers have been made obtainable in the mobile market. But it is quite tough to manage the time and check entire features of own choice of mobile phone in the nearest one mobile shop. Hence online mobile shopping is perfect medium of shopping for such busy persons. Now, customers may evaluate entire features of the own choice of phone on almost entire premium online mobile phone shops. Even they may compare it with other phones.

Usually, it is very tough to know in general shopping that which shops are providing better deal for the customer. Because, it becomes quite tough to visit all shops and ask about the deal. Online mobile shopping has removed this dilemma. Now, if customers did not like the deal offered on one online mobile shop then they can visit other without hesitation.

Online mobile shopping is a new tradition of shopping so sometime it turns out into a big problem for the customer. So whenever you are thinking about online shopping then you must be particular about entire instructions. Carefully read it and follow it, if you do agree with it. Sometime, we are in hurry so lucrative deals attract us and we ignore the hidden terms and conditions which snatch our money and peace. Some key functions of all sort of shopping like credit card number and personal details are also very sensitive. Hence it is very necessary to find the reliable online shops. It is customers’ prime duty to collect all relevant information about the reliability of that one site where they are willing to do online shopping for their mobile phones.

Nowadays all leading mobile network providers in the UK like Vodafone, orange, T-network, 3- network service provider, O2 and Virgin mobile network provider are available on all premium online mobile shop. They may offer various incentives like Free Gifts, Discounted Mobile Phones, Free Ipod, Xbox 360, Cashback, Sony PSP and Nintendo wii. But, again be careful and find out entire hidden terms and conditions before accepting the deal. On certain terms and conditions companies may even offer 12 months free line or 18 months free contract.

Thus the concluding fact is if online shopping is a smart shopping for smart customer. Then it is also a cup of coffee for only smart shopkeeper. So its time to be smart for everyone for the sake of own existence and identity.

Source by De Maclin