OIL PASTELS Portrait of Madonna in Warhol Pop Art Style

This video is a collab with Sayanti Fine Arts. You can check out her video and channel here ► https://youtu.be/FOBv_Pz-lbM

Here is the reference photo I worked with (the True Blue album cover) https://goo.gl/r8H7FZ

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Music credits:
Jazzy Frenchy by https://www.bensound.com
Funny Song by https://www.bensound.com


8 Replies to “OIL PASTELS Portrait of Madonna in Warhol Pop Art Style”

  1. Very nice work Syndia. Nice idea with the grids. I did that in my begginner drawing class. Nice blending on the black, love the charcoal medium too and it transfers to the oil pastels!

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