Anita Pallenberg with Keith Richards & The Stones

Anita Pallenberg (Rome, 25 January 1944) is an Italian actress and model. She was the romantic partner of Rolling Stones’ multi-instrumentalist and guitarist Brian Jones and later, from 1967 to 1979, the partner of Keith Richards, the guitarist of the same band, with whom she had three children.
Pallenberg was born on 25 January 1944 in German-occupied Rome, the daughter of Arnaldo Pallenberg, an Italian of German descent sales agent, amateur singer and hobbyist painter and Paula Wiederhold, a German secretary. Anita became fluent in four languages at an early age and studied medicine, picture restoration and graphic design without achieving a degree. Before settling in London, she lived in Germany, in her native Rome, as well as in New York City, where she was involved with the Living Theatre, starring in the play Paradise Now, which featured onstage nudity, and Andy Warhol’s Factory.

If you are interested in reading Keith Richards’ autobiography, here’s the link to his book (Amazon):

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  1. My theory as to why she didn't " age well " . When you are that beautiful and conquer the most desirable men and women of the day – it gets to be old hat . Jane Fonda , Raquel Welch fight the good fight. Bardot and Pallenberg looked in the mirror and went Pfffttt to this sex symbol thing No right or wrong in end analysis – just people playing their parts.

  2. WHAT is cool on being addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, using drugs ( including heroïne) and be addicted on "having sex" ? It is soooooo 20 th century. Besides she had horse-teeths 😉 0.56

  3. RIP Anita Pallenberg, she was a big part of the Rolling Stones family & history. I just stumbled on to this video and I didn't hear of her passing away and I never knew she had such awful health problems until now. This sure makes you feel how life goes by so fast the 1960's, 70's to date 2017. Just as The Old Stones Song Goes TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE AND IT WON'T WAIT FOR ME.  Peace..

  4. Condolences to friends and family and Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones … Rest in peace and Heaven and Thank You for everything madam Anita Pallenberg Legend Angel … God bless her beautiful Sou lprotected by the Angels , we will never forget You , You madam will live forever in our hearths … Boze molimo oprostite , pomozite i spasite ako nije problem … Amen … Amin …

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