2/2 Sir Peter Blake – What Do Artists Do All Day ?

First broadcast: Aug 2015.
Episode 21/22 Often described as the godfather of British pop art, over the past sixty years artist Sir Peter Blake has enjoyed a celebrated career. Famous for his Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s album cover, he has produced a vast body of paintings, collages and album covers. In 2015, aged 82, Peter was commissioned to produce his largest work to date, the re-design of a Mersey ferry. In this film, we spend time with Peter at work in his studio and follow the process of the ferry’s pop art makeover, from Peter’s early drawings to the launch in Liverpool, revealing an iconic British artist still as active today as he ever was.


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  1. Disappointing thing about Dartford is there is no mention of peter Blake coming from there. No plaque or anything. Blake has far more pedigree coming from Dartford much more than Keith and Mick

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