7 Replies to “Candy Darling Andy Warhol Interview”

  1. Does anyone know where this is from (guessing the clip is from a documentary, but the interview seems to be from a news broadcast of some sort)? I'd like to use part of it as a sample in a song ("fair use" wouldn't apply), but have no clue who owns the rights/would rather not get sued. heh.

    Also… Candy. <3

  2. one of the most beautiful people that Andy was fortunate to have in his gang. Love Andy as well but,,,,,he didnt seem to care about their troubles and the money he owed them and all that. But,,,,he really brought to the publlic new and exciting beautiful people. I thank him for that. Candy & Nico are my 2 favorits. Nico of course was an actual woman. But,,,,Candy was too in many ways. ♥

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