6 Things You Can Do to Protect and Preserve Your Favourite Pics

1. Poster-mount your favorite photo with a protective non-reflective wrap (the wrap can be removed if you prefer it unwrapped or you want to changed to a glossy wrap). It will look like a box that can be hung directly on your wall or works as a table-top accessory for your office table, for example. The glossy/non-reflective wrap protects against scratches.

2. Laminate your favorite photos (irreversible procedure). At least the photos do not get moldy or mildew overtime.

3. If you prefer them to remain in your photo album, store your album in a cool air-conditioned room (24 hours!) or in a anti-humidity cabinet/box (available a some niche photography shops here). Be very aware that cool interiors can also make oil paintings crack and crumble (but not to photos).

4. If you ever want to frame your photos, always use acid-free mat boards so your photos will be away from the insides of your top glazing (glass or acrylic). Also consider if you want to use high-grade acrylic (also known as plexiglas but it’s really high-grade acrylic that protects pics from fading) which is normally used for maximum protection against UV rays in art museums. Up to 99.9& of UV rays will be repelled.

5. Always store digital copies of your photos. This way if ever your photos get ruined by the humidity, you know you can always have them printed on the cheap. This is the simplest no-sweat method.

6. Why not explore other photo ideas? Turn your favorite photo into a customized gift! Turn one into a photo pendant or mosaic art. Photo ideas are not just limited to these so do explore!

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