Take Great Baby Pictures

If you want to take perfect photographs of your baby, having a good camera is sure to give you an edge to get the perfect picture. Undoubtedly it is best to seriously consider buying a DSLR camera if you dont already own one. That is not to say you will not be able to achieve good results using a compact camera – you can and you will – most of today’s compact cameras have brilliant feature sets and usually have a fairly adequate portrait setting.

Good lighting is the key to all good photography, and the professionals know how to make the light work for them. Let me describe two extreme baby photo shoots. The first is where granddad tries to capture that unique baby moment by candle light. He has his phone camera flash set to off and the baby is jumping around all over the place. Oh yes and did I ad that grandad has had a few drinks and is a bit shaky. So how would you guess the photo would turn out?

In the second case a real pro photographer gets mum to bring the baby along to his studio. He has a great backdrop, there is daylight streaming through the windows and he has several remote flashes with diffusers. His camera, the latest top of the range Nikon or Canon DSLR is mounted on a tripod. Not only that but Mum is holding the baby and she is seated. So how would you guess the photo would turn out?

I’m sure the second photo will be the most technically correct picture but will the pro be able to capture that magic baby moment. No, I don’t think he will, even though he will be able to compensate for the unnatural environment and he will have some terrific shots he might not get that magic baby moment.

Magic baby moments are usually captured by creating an almost natural environment for the baby to be in. Try not to have the scene too cluttered with baby toys distracting from the main subject of you photo, your baby.

Try to take your pictures in daylight but set your camera to have the flash on – but don’t take all your pictures with flash on. If you have a DSLR consider an external flash and bounce the flash off the ceiling to get less harsh shots.

Why don’t you try going down on the floor beside the baby. Remember to get someone to hold the baby’s attention. Get mum to make a funny face or do something to make baby smile. Try to focus on the baby’s eyes. Most of today’s cameras allow you to press the shutter button part of the way to enable the focus and light reading. If you keep your finger on the shutter button and move the camera slightly it holds the focus and light reading of the initial press.

Take your photos at different angles to the natural light. Consider taking shots of the baby having a bath or eating or holding her or his favorite toy. Get the picture?

Think along the lines of taking 100 pictures of baby, in various situations, to get 10 good ones and your half way there. Happy shooting baby!

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