Musical video-essay featuring Power of Light series of the fine art photography by Inna Rogatchi on Judaica Symbolism. The series was conceived as a journey through the Rogatchi family collection of Judaica with the art subjects from all over the world. The journey in the video-essay also reflects the circle of a Jewish year, with its highlights, holidays and important moments, and enlightens Jewish heritage and tradition.

The music chosen for this short film is special with regard to both its composer and performer. This is also rare archive record made in 1932 in Moscow. Violinist Boris Fishman ( 1906-1964) who was outstanding Jewish Soviet musician plays Jewish Melody composed by Issay Dobrowen ( 1891-1953), famous Jewish Russian pianist, conductor and composer who had left the Soviet Russia in early 1920. This is rare record bringing to us the energy and talent of those two big Jewish musicians alive.
The usage of record and its copyright is free.


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