Pop Art Painting

A peek into the process of a painting I did in 2013. I listened to Radiohead while filming this. Pause it and put on your favorite song, it’ll be much more enjoyable to watch!


Sharon Needles – Dracula [Official]

Sharon Needles – Dracula
The debut single from her sophomore album, Taxidermy.
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Director: Santiago Felipe
Assistant: Michael Ventolo
Editing + Post Production: Daniel Gottschling
Grip: Jonathan Rios
Costume Designer: Geoffrey Mac
Stylist: Jason LeBlond
Set Designer: Diego Montoya
Illustrator: Carlo Quispe
SFX makeup: Chad O’Connell
MUA: Natalia Quintana
Hair Stylist: WigBar
‘Dracula’ Single Artwork: San Sigüenza
SET: The Spectrum (Brooklyn, NY)

Executive Producer: David Charpentier

Producer Entertainment Group LLC


Registran incendio en torre Trump de Bakú

Registran incendio en torre Trump de Bakú:

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Un incendio ocurrió en la torre Trump ubicada en la capital de Azerbaiyán, Bakú. El edificio cuenta con 33 pisos y una altura de 130 metros. El siniestro  se produce semanas después de que un conocido del artista pop, Andy Warhol, muriera en otro incendio de cuarta categoría ocurrido  el 7 de abril en el rascacielos del mandatario estadounidense en Manhattan, Nueva York. Los bomberos acudieron al sitio para aplacar las llamas, videos subidos a las redes sociales muestran como una columna de humo se eleva hacia el cielo desde los pisos superiores del edificio.   De acuerdo con la agencia Spútnik, las calles hacia el rascacielos están cortadas, el viceministro de Emergencias nacional, Etibar Mirzaev,  llegó al lugar del incendio.   En diciembre se dio a conocer que la empresa Trump Organization, del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, suspendió contratos de licencia en varios países, incluido Azerbaiyán. Anuncios Loading…


Vanderpump Rules Recap: Knocking Boots

I can’t talk about Brittany and Jax’s fake breakup anymore except, well, here we are and we have no other choice. It’s like having a vodka soda at the gay bar. You know there are better options, you know that it’s better if you just abstain altogether, but, well, it just wouldn’t be a trip to The Abbey without one, would it? Jax, as we discussed last week, is the absolute worst in this breakup and we now we know even more why he is so awful. After the breakup and Brittany storming off in a Lyft in her pajamas and sad hangover glasses, Jax goes to Tom and Katie’s house to talk about what happened and he tells them that he had sex with Brittany both the night before and that morning and then he broke up with her.

I wish that you could see a GIF of my face right now because it is a combination of this bucktoothed girl, this bug-eyed wolf, and every single one of Andy Warhol’s car crashes. He tells Tom and Katie that he’d been thinking about this for a while and that he just finally had to do it. But the sex, well, he didn’t even think that was a bad thing. “Sometimes sex isn’t about a relationship, it’s just about getting off,” he says, adding that she initiated it. Yes, that may be true, but couldn’t he stop her just long enough to be like, “I think we should break up,” and then go watch some realtor porn on his phone after she left the house?

This right here is everything that is wrong with Jax summed up in one little incident. He doesn’t think about anyone else’s emotions other than his and because of that, he leaves a trail of relationship shrapnel all over West Hollywood. He tells the Toms later that he “doesn’t know what to do in relationships.” That’s not true. He knows that he should be faithful, respect his partner, and not bone a woman right before he cuts her loose. He just chooses not to follow any of those rules. That is what makes Jax an asshole: He makes the conscious effort to put his own happiness before everyone else’s. He’s not ignorant, he’s just a dick.