May 12, 2018, Washburn Gallery, New York – Michele Toohey, married to the artist for some 20 years, and Carter Ratcliff, critic, writer and author, discuss Doug Ohlson’s work as it developed from the early 1960s until his death in 2010.

Carter Ratcliff has written extensively on Doug Ohlson for “Art International,” “Art Forum,” and “Art in America.” His books include “The Fate of a Gesture: Jackson Pollock and Postwar American Art,” plus monographs on Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe and John Singer Sargent, among others. Ratcliff is a poet and also a novelist whose first book, “Tequila Mockingbird,” was published in 2015.

This is the third Conversation in a continued series held on Saturday afternoons at the Washburn Gallery.


Gazebo For a Deck

Gazebos are definitely good-looking structures that are usually outdoors or open to the outdoors to provide a wonderful view of the garden outside and other scenic things for you to enjoy and relax. It can also be a tent or a pavilion that you could always separately place outside on your garden or lawns. Utilizing a gazebo for a deck is a great idea as well. This would definitely provide you with an intimate space that comes with an entertainment area outdoors.

There are historical examples of this type of a gazebo for a deck that can be found on the internet. You can find it in artworks, photographs, drawings in magazines, especially the architectural one and those magazines for interior designing. Try and find one that would be perfect for your house’s exterior and try to emulate its design, especially the details and turn it into a gazebo deck design. There were older gazebos back in the days that were so large, they used to be called dance halls or dance pavilions. That is why it is important that you determine the exact measure of the pavilion that is suitable for your area. There are also books that are offering information about landscaping; it might also have examples of gazebos.

Most of the time, gazebos are just considered as decorative structures, made to beautify your area. But did you know that is has other “important” functions as well? You should know that the gazebo can also act as an instrument to hide or improve a view. It could be used to hide ugly spots, or your neighbor’s unpleasant car port or to enhance a view. To maximize this potential you should know how to determine that dimensions that you need to enhance or to hide a certain view. This could be done by drawing a scaled version of the gazebo for the deck before creating or installing it. If you want to do it yourself you could try using a home design software to create three dimensional models. This is very useful software that allows you to emulate a real time three dimensional representation of an object to make sure that it would fit your area or you are doing it right.

To create the gazebo for the deck, you should place the gazebo in the exact center of the deck or a few feet from the edges of the deck. You can use it for any purpose that you want. You could try and use it for meditation, yoga, a drawing studio or an intimate place where you and your family or friends can share tea or coffee, it’s up to you.

Now that you know the wonderful benefits of having a gazebo for your deck in your lawn or your front / back yard, you should now know what to do if you wanted something beautiful in it. Try and contact the professionals just in case you are still confused about this subject matter or if not you could go out now and get the required materials and build yourself one.

Free Folding Napkins Tips

I’m always on the look for helpful folding napkins tips. One reason being that I don’t want my napkin just to get the general shape of the fold, but to be as perfect as the one in the picture. These tips I found might help those who are looking for that “perfect touch”:

Paper Napkin Tips:

  • Paper napkins work well for napkin folds that need crisp folds because paper holds a crease better than a cloth.
  • The best paper napkins to use are 3 ply napkins.
  • Be sure your hands are clean and dry before working with the napkins.

Cloth Napkin Tips:

  • Cloth napkins work well with napkin folds that have a flowing design.
  • Cloth napkins should be starched if the fold includes a crisp edge.
  • For an elegant look use cloth napkins in a simple fold.
  • It is best to press cloth napkins just before you actually fold them. That way they can be stored either unfolded or folded.

First master the easier folds, such as the Goblet Fan fold or the Tailored fold, and only then advance to the more complicated ones like the Rose or Crown folds.

In today’s world there so many ways to learn how to fold napkins. It is hard to find a really good source of information. One that is both detailed, comprehensive and matches your level. You can find hardcopy books, e-books, pictures and videos. But what is best for you?

Learning how to fold napkins from a video is easier than studying diagrams in books. I’ve seen some diagrams that require an Engineer’s Degree to understand them! On the other hand, hardcopy books can be taken to the kitchen, dining room or even next door, so you’re not stuck in front of the computer.

Site that sell napkins sometimes have information of folding napkins as well. But since they have their own agenda, you’d rather stick to sites that are dedicated to folding napkins.

And one more basic tip: don’t forget to always work on a clean and dry surface when folding napkins.

Enhance Your Room Design With Dynamic Lighting

As an interior designer, I often use lighting to create drama when my client’s decorating budget is tight. By simply adjusting ceiling lights, using inexpensive table lamps, or strategically-placing accent lighting, I’m able to increase a room’s impact at a lower cost.

Lighting has come a long way in the last 10 years. You can now easily find a sophisticated lamp or chandelier within your budget that will help you create beautiful dimension for your interiors.

Before you shop for your ideal lamp or lighting, though, you might want to take a trip to your local art gallery or museum to see how they use lighting to enhance the artwork.

You can also get a lot of great lighting ideas by visiting your local shopping center. You will find a large variety of light fixtures and applications throughout the mall.

Once you’ve gotten ideas, you will want to visit a lighting store to make your purchases. Don’t be intimidated by the huge selection of lighting possibilities. There’s a lighting solution for every need.

Below is a simple guide to lamps and shades.


  • Accent lamps: You can use these lamps in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, entrances and any spot that may need extra lighting. They’re generally under 20″ tall and provide just the right amount of accent lighting.
  • Table lamps: These are usually from 25″ to 32″ tall. You can use table lamps for general purpose lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and family rooms.
  • Desk lamps: These are usually 12″ to 20″ high. You can use them to light a specific work area.
  • Floor lamps: You can use these lamps in dark corners or areas that regular lighting may not reach.


  • Shade size: There are three dimensions to shade sizes: top diameter, bottom diameter, and height.
  • Shade material: Shades can be made of almost any material. The most common are silk, cotton, linen, plastic/vinyl and paper.
  • Shade height: Generally, the height of the shade should be equal to the measurement taken from the base of the lamp to the bottom of the bulb socket.
  • Shade width: Shades should be at least as wide as the widest point of the lamp body. Many people prefer the lamp shade to be several inches wider than the lamp.
  • Shade length: At eye level, the bottom of the shade should cover the bottom of the socket.

No matter which lamp or shade you select, you’re sure to greatly enhance your room design.

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