26 Replies to “The Velvet Underground – Andy Warhol – European Son”

  1. @sockpuppetmartinez Nope. They don't give a shit. In fact, in the inside their debut album cover they put quotes from music critics saying about how horrible they were.

  2. one hell of a song, considering when it was recorded — mid 60s it makes your mind trip.. hey, you know that young ones? you know this band was the beginning of it all?

  3. For what it's worth I do hear some kind of drums. As said before though, does it really matter? This must have sounded insane back in '67 since it still sounds incredible today!

  4. Why is everyone thumbing down the comments that say the sound is shit? Compared to the album version the sound is shit on this video. It seems to be missing bass or something.

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