21 Replies to “Banksy prints of Kate Moss in Warhol style fail to sell”

  1. Banksy is an anonymous guerilla artist I wish people would get the point of the fact that selling his art is piracy for the most part. If you want an original banksy piece sorry but you'll have to blow up a building.

  2. even if it is a print it can be worth a lot depending on how many where made, and what number it is of that many, as well if it had his signature. I imagine it didn't sell well because it's just another warhol-style peice of a celebrity. Banksy or not, it's not the most uncommon thing.

  3. I feel people are getting bored of Banksy as he is coming up with art work that is being repeated over an over again.

    Blek da rat did this years ago and Andy Warhol was the first artist to use every day food product brands and tern them into silk screen prints.

    Read Banksy's book: and he state that if you find a way of cheating in art, do it…

    Proof that the art work is not originally his. he use projectors to enlarge the work on walls and copies every artist and making it his own..

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