2018 – The Epidaurus Cycle

Friends and Weirdos – In honour of the upcoming 48hours weekend (which unfortunately I can’t make weirder this time around) I have a special treat…

The Epidaurus Cycle is an anthology short that I have been slowly putting together out of three of our 48hourt entries from 2012 – 2014 . These films, which mostly came out at the time as looking and sounding like the hated love child of David Lynch and Andy Warhol, were all based on individual Greek Myths and it was always the original intention to bring them together down the road as a one piece journey into wackado.

These films were all made under my original team title – “Gulliver’s Strange Amphetamine”

So here it is. Many thanks to all the people who participated over the years to make my very special brand of film. Breigh OMalley Benjamin Murray Romy Hooper Laura Irish Matthew Haines and his brother AJ, Nick Bell-Booth, Jonathan P Riley, Tanya Owen, Peter Rae T-Ann Manora, Preston O’Preston Natalie Beran Natalie Crane Aria Jones Janna Cochala, Jamie Robinson, Peter Larsen Shannon Novak Fiona Gillespie Rohan Mouldey Rod Johns (RIP).

Thank to Ant Timpson for providing a platform and being very supportive.

And Nicki Cliff for putting up with the weird.

Enjoy the film, hehe..


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