Banana Pop Art Design on a Sculpted Almond Nail – Special Guest Model

Hey Everybody,

In this video we have a special guest, Angelica is here from Naio and she is the ITALIAN me….. How cool is that? Let me explain a little. Naio Nails has a lot of Italian customers and many of them don’t actually speak English, So Angelica started off by translating the subtitles into Italian and now she has her own Italian YouTube Channel for Naio, the link is below.

So Angelica has started with our oldest videos and is doing an Italian voiceover for each of them, there is a hell of a lot of videos and one day she will catch up to where we are now.

We get a lot of nail tech from other countries that don’t speak English, wanting to do my techniques and sometimes it is hard to follow along with just the subtitles, so having Angelica say what I say is much easier for them.

We had such a fun day with Angelica, she is a very bubbly and full of fun, It was also a very bright and sunny day outside, so I decided to do a brightly coloured design.

So we are going to sculpt of a short almond-shaped nail, which Angelica informed us is one of the worst things for her to translate.

I used that beautiful pink as a base and then do these Andy Warhol inspired pop art Bananas in gel polish, using multiple colours to get the depth just right.

So I hope you enjoy this video and if you speak Italian, make sure you check out Angelica’s channel.

Love Kirsty xxx

Naio Nails IT (Italia) – YouTube Channel –
Naio Nials PL Polskie – YouTube Channel –



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43 Replies to “Banana Pop Art Design on a Sculpted Almond Nail – Special Guest Model”

  1. I was half-expecting you to say, "I'm going to finish off with some Banana cuticle oil". LOL
    Loving the Warhol-esque look of this nail! Adam chose well when he said to use the Matte top coat.

  2. When will you show us how to break in a new kolinsky brush?I know there is a video about how take care of our brushes… and i also know there is an old video about how to break in a brush, but this one is with the other lady who used to do the videos, and it doesnt really helps me. Please do that tutorial. I need it.

  3. With the translation, when something don't translate so good ie the almond bit pause the vid and do a little commentary explaining that it's an accent thing. I'm sure to Italians from sourth Italy think those from the north the same as they do in UK) so would understand .

  4. πŸ’š πŸ’œ ❀ πŸ’™ πŸ’›
    Love the 🍌 design πŸ’…πŸŽ¨.
    Angelica is Absolutely Beautiful. I Love both of your accents. Italian & Spanish are almost Similar. Some of the words are exactly the same. When you stop speaking the language you grew up speaking you tend to forget some words & you fumble to make yourself sound authentic. Had that happen to me when I went to work at a Co. That had 90% Latinos & the Spanish words don't all mean the same in different Spanish Speaking Countries.
    @Naio Nails

  5. Hello Kirsty… recently i started to watch your videos and I'm your fan now…in life if ever i get chance,opportunity i really want to learn nail art from you…ya your youtube channel helps a lot but still it's my dream to take personal nails coaching from you…😊
    And you won't believe it this is my 1st comment…just to comment you yesterday only i created my channel on YouTube 😊

  6. Possible Meanings of the Word "Top Banana".
    1. The Leading Comedian in a Burlesque Show.
    2. The most important person in a Group or Undertaking.
    The Boss, The Leader.
    3. Chaldean Numerology Numerical value of To Banana is 7.
    Pythagorean Numerology # is 3.
    4. In Britain it's a Slang word like Wicked: meaning Good/Great.
    @Naio Nails

  7. Bay Watch was filmed in the Los Angeles Area, NOT Miami, which is 3,000 miles away. People from the UK really don't understand how truly LARGE the US really is. I mean, there are five TIME ZONES, just in the continental US! So when it's noon in New York or Miami it's only 9:00 a.m. in Los Angeles. (The easternmost tip of the state of Maine is an hour ahead of New York.)

    The state I live in (California) is a very special place. We have the sixth largest economy in the world, with GDPs roughly equal to Germany and the UK. We are the only state in the US with our own foreign policy. The area of California (alone) is 423,970 sq. km. and the whole of GB is only 209,331 sq. km., less than half the size of just my state. The area of the entire US is 9,826,630 sq. km, almost 47 TIMES as large as GB. If I went out and got in my car, got on the freeway and headed north it would take me two and a half hours to get to the Oregon border. If I went south it would take me 10 hours to get to the Mexican border, and I'd have to be going about 120 kph all the way. There are almost 40 million people in California, the most populous state, and 330 million in the whole of the US. The population of GB (in 2016) was a tad over 64 million.

    I would love it if you really did rent an RV and do a tour of the US, but I hope you have lots of time and money. It would take a year just to give every state a week. At the end you'd have a really good understanding of the geography, but you still wouldn't see everything. Of course, you could make it a self-supporting trip. All you'd have to do is teach classes in the big cities one day each week and the rest of your time would be your own. I'd like to volunteer to be your hand model for your class in either Sacramento or San Francisco. It will be really hard for me, but I promise to be quiet during the demo, unless you dig a ditch in my finger with the file. That might make me yelp! πŸ˜‰

  8. So America can soon expect a series of masterclasses ? The master excuse to go on a tour in the States. As for top banana i went and looked it up and it means you're learning to speak American lol. It seems it's US slang for a comedy artist in a Burlesque club and they seem to have rubber banana shaped clubs in their hands.

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