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I thought I’d show you guys some of my musical journey alongside the release of a new album. Hope you enjoy my little stroll down memory lane. Thanks for being the most supportive gang on the internet.

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Sarasota, FL 34276

snapchat: Ears2you

We are Brockford & Promise from Sarasota Florida and we like to do things that are enjoyment. We are obsessed with Disney and we also make all our own Music! MORE ADVENTURES COMING SOON!!!



  1. Love YOU GUYS even more knowing some of the back story. So thankful to know that you have Christian connections. Neat to see you and Promise in 'the old days'. Excited for your upcoming projects.

  2. That was great Brock! I’m a huge fan of music also… I actually went to school in Nashville to have a more behind the scenes role in music industry… I did a few internships and realized that I loved when music and television/film were combined together… so I moved to NY to work in television. I’m not doing the exact job I want right now, but it’s fun to go after our dreams even when it’s difficult at times! I really enjoy you and Promise’s vlogs! Keep up the good work! 👍

  3. This was an AWESOME video, love it!!!! What a great back story to this. I love your Disney stuff, it makes being away from the parks that much easier and you guys love Disney and that shows. You guys rock!

  4. Something must be said about the perfect timing of this video. First you lure us in with great content, then you hit us with an amazing backstory. Here's to you getting all the joys in life.
    -Team Cantu

  5. I love this video!!… thanks for the Great Music in all your videos.. and love the Great memories 🙄.. keep up the Great job.. love you both and Jasper!.. from here Florida.. Belinda Long 😁

  6. You are a cool talented dude! Often you find that the more talented someone gets the more arrogant they become too, Defo not in your case, you and Promise are both very down to earth 🙌🏻

    Love hearing about your back story and love seeing videos of you making music, very cool stuff👌🏻👍🏻

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