Andy Warhol’s “The Chelsea Girls” | HOW TO SEE Double-Screen Films

There are quotes by Andy Warhol stating, “I’ve stopped painting. I’m now making movies.” Explore the pop artist’s 1966 double-screen film “The Chelsea Girls” with Greg Pierce, Associate Curator of Film and Video at The Andy Warhol Museum.

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2 Replies to “Andy Warhol’s “The Chelsea Girls” | HOW TO SEE Double-Screen Films”

  1. I think Warhol's films are too often overshadowed by his screenprint paintings, perhaps because the prints are much more marketable (able to be bought and sold in the art market much easier than a film.) The dismissal of Warhol as a hack, (maybe because of his means of production or his use of appropriation) holds less weight when considering his innovations and experiments with film. I also enjoy the prints but have always found the films to be especially strong.

  2. i saw it the way it was supposed to be at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN circa 1980 something….2 synced up projectors with a packed auditorium…3+ hours later there were 7 of us left…it has its moments…but overall it's a terror and realization that people can be animals…."The Chelsea Girls" exemplified "Art" doesn't have to have meaning…it has a purpose, but we are better than this…well at least some of us are???

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