Andy Warhol Superstar Eric Emerson Sings! Jackie Curtis Vain Victory 1971

Wearing leather chaps and completely covered in glitter, Eric Emerson (b. 1945, died May 28, 1975) sings two songs in Jackie Curtis’ “Vain Victory: the Vicissitudes of the Damned” at La Mama Experimental Theater Club in May 1971 on opening night! Restored from 1/2″ B&W videotape. This was the original counter-culture hit play starring Curtis and Candy Darling, Paul Ambrose, Agosto Machado, et al More to come! For a great tribute to Eric, see website


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  1. Does anyone here remember Artchie Dukeshire or Artchie Strips? He was affiliated with Warhol in some way, I think, and published a couple of comic books. I've been trying to learn more about him, and his art, but it's nearly impossible!

  2. Eric was living on melrose when I met him in 1969…I was very young and Innocent. He said he wanted to introduce me to Warhol because he thought he would love to put me in one of his films and that I looked like Nico. Didnt know who any of them were. On one ocassion he shot heroin in front of me and it scared me. He kind of creeped me out.I asked him to take me home and I never spoke to him again, Lol.

  3. Lary Chapman on Violin.  Lary was Eric's Rock Band… THE MAGIC TRAMPS, with Sesu Coleman on drums and Young Blood on Guitar.  I do not know who was playing piano in this clip but he did a fine job of it.

  4. thanks Sesu ( I'm assuming you got this up here). I wanted to hear and see some of the old Tramps Magic. Eric, like so many of your generation was here and gone way before his time. Damn city can't ride a bike. I've been hit 4 times in the last 2 years.

  5. Yes! Eric has been much in my mind lately and I wanted to post the best clips of him for the enjoyment of those who knew him. He was such a delight, so full of positive energy and infectious Joie de vivre!

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