Free Folding Napkins Tips

I’m always on the look for helpful folding napkins tips. One reason being that I don’t want my napkin just to get the general shape of the fold, but to be as perfect as the one in the picture. These tips I found might help those who are looking for that “perfect touch”:

Paper Napkin Tips:

  • Paper napkins work well for napkin folds that need crisp folds because paper holds a crease better than a cloth.
  • The best paper napkins to use are 3 ply napkins.
  • Be sure your hands are clean and dry before working with the napkins.

Cloth Napkin Tips:

  • Cloth napkins work well with napkin folds that have a flowing design.
  • Cloth napkins should be starched if the fold includes a crisp edge.
  • For an elegant look use cloth napkins in a simple fold.
  • It is best to press cloth napkins just before you actually fold them. That way they can be stored either unfolded or folded.

First master the easier folds, such as the Goblet Fan fold or the Tailored fold, and only then advance to the more complicated ones like the Rose or Crown folds.

In today’s world there so many ways to learn how to fold napkins. It is hard to find a really good source of information. One that is both detailed, comprehensive and matches your level. You can find hardcopy books, e-books, pictures and videos. But what is best for you?

Learning how to fold napkins from a video is easier than studying diagrams in books. I’ve seen some diagrams that require an Engineer’s Degree to understand them! On the other hand, hardcopy books can be taken to the kitchen, dining room or even next door, so you’re not stuck in front of the computer.

Site that sell napkins sometimes have information of folding napkins as well. But since they have their own agenda, you’d rather stick to sites that are dedicated to folding napkins.

And one more basic tip: don’t forget to always work on a clean and dry surface when folding napkins.

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