Jewellery and Tattoos

You’d be surprised to know that a lot of the tattoos people wear have jewellery that could go incredibly well with them. Over the years tattooing on females has become more and more popular with more and alternative options in piercing, cloths and hairstyles it was only natural that woman would want to stand apart in their tattoos and jewellery too. Jewellery is typically stereotyped towards a more classical look, but in the recent years it has been noticed that young woman are attracted to other themed styles too.

Piercings and jewellery are starting to blend together more and more as new trends come and go, girls can be seen with a multitude of eye catching piercings on there ears, nose, tongue, lips bellybuttons and even cheeks. This has opened up a whole range of unique ways jewellery can be attached to the body.

With all these altered looks being shown off how are females choosing to wear their bracelets, rings and necklaces? This is where it gets interesting, as of late you can see that modern jewellery once more associated to men such as metal and leather bracelets being mixed in with more feminine classy pieces by woman to create a balanced look that’s appeals to the femininity of a woman while adding a unique and artistic touch. Combining tattoos, bright hair colours, piercings and unique jewellery seems to be a trend constantly growing and changing as of late.

Below will be a list of popular female tattoos and how you could add to your overall look by adding jewellery which is similar.

Butterfly jewellery

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos females will be drawn towards. There are plenty of different types of earrings, bracelets and necklaces with butterflies made from a certain gemstone or just out of a certain metal as gold or silver.

Tribal jewellery

Tribal tattoos can have meanings and are known to be placed on the lower back. Tribal jewellery could be lots of things such as animal tooth pieces and leather bracelets that could be associated towards certain tribes or even just spiral designs and crosses.

Star jewellery

Symbolizing stars has been practised since almost since the earth began. These tattoos come in different shapes and sizes and can be very detailed at times; star jewellery on the other hand is often relatively simple with basic star designs hanging from necklaces or earrings.

Flower jewellery

Flowers match girls perfectly as they are the ultimate feminine symbol. Common flower tattoos could be cherry blossoms, daisies, roses, lilies and sunflowers. Designs could be just one large flower or a collection of small and colourful ones. Jewellery can come in a variety of ways even set in brooches while smaller flowers can fit daintily on rings or necklaces.

Fairy jewellery

Representing mysterious and magical powers fairy tattoos are plentiful. Fairy jewellery is relatively rare but certain figures can be seen on some necklaces.

Heart jewellery

Heart tattoos represent love and romance and come in all shapes and sizes with different additions being added to the design such as cupid angels and roses. Heart jewellery is especially popular on necklaces and lockets. Hearts are often made from ruby or garnet gemstones or can be just silver or gold.

Dragonfly jewellery

Most girls wouldn’t like insects apart from dragonflies as they are thought to be cute creatures that live with butterflies and fairies. Dragonfly jewellery is more commonly purchased made out of just sterling silver although there are variants with an array of colours throughout the insect’s body.

Dolphin jewellery

Dolphins are majestic, playful creatures of the sea that have an almost human like quality to them that woman are drawn to. Adding dolphin jewellery to your outfit can represent your love of the sea even if you don’t already have ocean themed tattoos. Dolphins can come in earring form, attached to necklaces or even attached to pearl rings while predominantly being made of silver as it almost matches the colour of their skin.

These are just some of the examples of how you could incorporate jewellery into your tattoos. Looking more deeper into the different meanings of your body enhancements and tattoos can give you a new appreciation for what you are wearing while giving you more ideas to further customize your look.

It’s a given that trends will change over time but what’s most important is that whatever piece of jewellery or art you have on yourself makes you yourself happy while appealing to your inner creative and expressive side. Customizing yourself physically is accepted in many different cultures around the world and while some may think oddly of it it’s what you think of it that truly matters.

Source by Luke Anderson

The Value Of Classical Music

Every modern piece of music whether it be rhythm and blues to pop, behind the lyrics and melodies can all can be traced back to the Classics. Every piece of music now has been interpreted and integrated with classical overtones. Without the great composers like Bach, Hayden, or Mozart most of today’s music probably wouldn’t exist.

The value of Classical music cannot be stressed enough. From an artist point of view, classical music is the epitome of what musicians strive for in their own form of music interpretation. From an audience point of view classical music stirs the imagination, creativity, emotions, and feelings that otherwise wouldn’t occur at the same intensity while listening to other forms of music.

In education classical music is a most valuable asset. Recent studies have concluded that very young children who are introduced to the classics early in life all attain a higher level of academics than those children who weren’t exposed to classical music while they were young. Studies also have concluded that those children, teenagers, young adults,and adults who experience continued exposure to the classics further increases those individuals success in school and in life. But, sadly though school systems through-out the country music appreciation is the one program that always gets eliminated.

Every child and young individual must be given the opportunity to become familiar with the great composers from Bach, Mozart, to Beethoven so that an appreciation of classical music will become an eternal part of life’s experiences. Everyone has different likes, tastes, and senses which is all what makes us an individual. Some people would prefer different types of music depending on moods and life’s events. With an early introduction and exposure to classical music an appreciation for all forms of music and art will develop now more than if children and individuals were not exposed to the classics at all.

Early education from pre school through grammar school must be given the means to provide children the opportunities to be exposed to the classics, to participate in music appreciation, and to be given the choice of partaking and learning how to play the musical instruments that are used in making classical music. When school systems short change students opportunity to become involved in learning of the great classics our whole society suffers. Without music and art appreciation the whole educational process is not complete and all children will miss out on one of life’s great experiences.

American Science Surplus Auctions

Are you looking for new parts for that circuit board? How about a new microscope to view your bug sample slides? Fortunately there are several websites out there that cater to all your surplus science equipment needs in this country. The government often sells American science surplus. That’s right, American science surplus is sold by the government for the benefit of teachers, crafters, hobbyists, artists, inventors, scientists (mad and otherwise), kids, and anyone with a taste for gadgets, gizmos and all science-related products.

For anyone who might not already know, a surplus store or auction is a place where excess goods are sold. These may be government-purchased science goods that once served a purpose but are no longer required or many times surplus can also be an excess of purchased science goods that were never used. These items may come from a multitude of places such as schools, state universities, hospitals, government laboratories, NASA, government funded projects, etc. Many of these scientific and medical goods are in excellent condition and are sold for a fraction of what was originally paid for them.

American science surplus auctions are basically auctions that offer a gadget heaven of surplus science goods. You can find just about anything and everything amid their unique mix of tools, hardware, surplus electronic parts, science kits, and military and educational supplies. American science surplus is also the perfect place to find everything for kids science projects. Whether it’s a chemistry, physics, biology or an electronics project, these have the parts and supplies you need for that A+ or blue ribbon.

I recently checked out several online websites that sold American science surplus goods and was amazed to see how incredibly diverse the surplus science equipment I found was. Items ranged from projectors, lab equipment, and stethoscopes to electric motors, oscilloscopes, and dental goods. Whatever scientific gadget or tchotchke you might crave, science surplus auctions have probably got it. And keep in mind: the best part about these auctions is that you end up paying a mere fraction of the original cost of the items. You could easily walk away with a 2-year-old microscope for $50 when some prominent university might have spent several hundred or thousand. Deals like this happen all the time!

There are several websites out there that offer information on auctions of American science surplus goods. You may purchase these surplus science items in them or you may venture to a live surplus auction. The choice is yours.

Source by Mark Moyo

Cómo hacer un diseño Frances inspirado en Romero Britto.

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Léo Rispal : Andy Warhol – Concert “Journée de la Terre” à Nantes – 22 avr 2013

Léo Rispal interprète pour la première fois sur une grande scène son tube “Andy Warhol”. Retrouvez Andy Warhol en live dans l’émission chabada sur le lien suivant :
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BVLGARI – Wild Pop Showroom

Drawing on the empowerment, free spiritedness and experimentation of the electric 80s, with a special tribute to Andy Warhol, Wild Pop epitomizes Bvlgari’s rule-breaking approach to jewellery. Inspired by everything from disco music to pop art, more than 80 pieces celebrate the thrills of the era and Bvlgari’s distinctive joie de vivre.
Andy Warhol artwork ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

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